About Us



The AFCeNews website and blog was founded when a change in ESPN’s policies threatened a dedicated group of NFL fans with unacceptable changes to their community meeting place.  Discussion began within the community to explore the possibility of creating a new place to discuss football and what features the group desired in their new home. It was soon decided 2 members would explore starting and maintaining a website and blog dedicated to the teams and fans for the AFC East.

The main features needed were identified as:

  • A place to discuss our teams.
  • Relief from unfair and inconsistent moderation.
  • Ability of community members to create and have content posted
  • Site Administration responsive to the community.
  • Promotion of high level debate and discussions
  • Controls on spamming and excessively disruptive posters.
  • To remain self supporting and independent.




Afcenews.com exists and will continue to be operated as it began. A website created by and for its members. It seeks to provide a forum where fans of the AFC East teams can share news, stories, and comment on their favorite teams. It has no interest in serving other divisions, merging with other sites, or being the AFCE section of a larger site.  The posting standards on its blogs are designed to reflect the preferences of the community members with little moderation but with administrative actions available in extreme cases. Its community members are those looking for higher level debate and conversation mixed with healthy doses of sarcasm and humor, but without profanity, racial comments, personal attacks, or repetitive stupidity. All are welcome to join and enjoy the freedoms and benefits of a website community created by and for its members. The sites administrators are active members of the community and easily contacted so that they remain in close contact and up to date on the wants and needs of the community.


Self Moderation and Posting Guidelines

The “Flag” rule –

On each comment by-line there are flags you can use to mark a post offensive, due to the current size of the blog the “Flag Rule” is set to three. That means that if a comment receives three flags by the community it will go away automatically. Please do no abuse the system as it is there for you to maintain decorum on the blog.

Profanity – Be Smart about it!

We believe the English language to be sufficient to express any thought the mind can conceive without the use of profanity. Excessive profanity is not allowed on the blogs and will be removed when detected. This means that if you say it once it has an impact, if you are repetitive about it then you are abusing us and the site – plain and simple.

Hate Speech – 

Content that attacks people based on their actual or perceived race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or disease is not allowed.  Sometimes clear attempts at humor or satire blur the line between Hate Speech and content many people find it bad taste. In these cases the context of the post and climate of the blog may be the determining factors in determining what is and isn’t acceptable. In these instances a moderator may make a spot decision you do not agree with but the moderator’s decision is final.

Personal Attacks –

What is and isn’t a personal attack can also be open to some interpretation. Disparaging comments about a posters family members surely is. Commenting on a posters lack of football knowledge may not be. Again, In these cases the context of the post and climate of the blog may be the factors in determining what is and isn’t acceptable. Please follow the moderators guidance in the instances.

Appointed Moderators –

The blogs are not monitored 24/7 and unacceptable content may go unnoticed. This does not justify additional unacceptable commentary posted in retaliation. Please use common sense and ignore offensive posts when necessary.  The moderators have discretion to determine inappropriate or unacceptable content and on a live blog may act immediately. They will not explain or justify their actions on a live blog.

Community Members with general questions or issues on the sites moderation policies can address these publically on the site Forum page accessible from the footer menu.

Avatars and Usernames – 

Please use common sense in choosing an avatar photo and username. In addition to avoiding those displaying nudity, obscene gestures, or profanity. We ask that all avoid “pushing the envelope” tempting others to do the same.
Please change the avatar photo when requested by the community.
Please choose a non-offensive user name.
Avatars are not being approved prior to being put into use but feel free to complain via the support box if you are offended by an Avatar currently in use.

Enforcement – 

The community’s desire of freedom from heavy handed moderation is paramount to its existence. At the same time everyone should be aware that the posts which are “flagged” by other members will be reviewed and the integrity of the blog will be protected. Moderators do not exist to continually monitor and delete posts but can and will do so when necessary. Hopefully posters with deleted content can use this action as a learning tool.

Let’s keep our place fun for all and most of all – talk football!