AFC Championship Game Overreactions

AFC Championship Game Overreactions
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Well that sucked.  The week leading up to Sunday’s Ass kicking at Mile High built this game up to be a clash of titans where we were all to witness one of the greatest games in the history of this great league.

Then Tom Brady and the New England Patriots took the field and how sad it was.  In between two yards runs, Tom Brady showed the type of accuracy that is seldom seen in the NFL- because usually when guys are that bad they end up unemployed.

Now there were several other factors that contributed to this game being so one sided.  The officials were definitely calling the game very one sided, but even if they favored that Pats, the Pats were not going to win.  There’s also the fact that Aqib Talib tapped out of his second AFC Championship game in a row.  I know Wes Welker’s hit on him was questionable, but please.  Wes has always played right on the line between clean and dirty and when he was one of us, we loved him for it.  So let’s do like Bill couldn’t and put that behind us.

What we saw on Sunday afternoon was a microcosm of what the Patriots have been for the last five or so years.  The defense is average, led by some extremely overrated players- Chanlder Jones chief among them- and guys that would have a hard time staying in the starting lineup of a Big East team, let alone in the NFL.  There are no studs on this defense, but there certainly are more than a few chumps.  My fellow Pats fans may want to stand up at this moment and yell that the defense suffered several critical injuries and it was a great accomplishment to even get this far.  To them I say, “Hogwash!”  Bill and company built a team without planning for guys to get hurt (there is no other excuse when your starting DTs are Joe Vellano and Chris Jones) and that is just plain foolish.  Maybe they should focus their time on finding players that can get off the field on 3rd and long?

The offense is just as much of a joke as it was in week 1.  It’s a sad state of affairs when you walk into an AFC Championship game and your #1 (and 2, and 3) wide receiver is Julian Edelman.  I understand Aaron Hernandez is a mass murderer and you can’t plan for that.  Ok, how to you explain the rest of that disaster?  Guess what?  Rob Gronkowski has always been and will always be made of the softest paper mache, so counting on him is foolishness to the extreme.

I feel that the time may have come for the Patriot’s brass to make some tough choices.  This looks like the draft to take your future QB (unless you can find a way to “Shameis for Jamies”) and if this team is truly interested in winning another Super Bowl before the end of Tom Brady’s career they had better spend to the cap (actually spend the money not just fudge the books to make it look like they did) and get a legit receiver that has proven that he is a stud (not another “some guy with potential”).

The window is closing (if not already closed) and the Pats need to change their business model if they want to get their hands on Mr. Lombardi’s trophy again.

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