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AFC East Fourth & one

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AFC East Fourth & one
Luciano 11
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Free agency has slowed down to basically players that will fill in roles and depth. Its time to prepare for the Draft, April 30th.

Buffalo Bills
The Bills do not have a  #1 pick, as we all know it was traded away for the right to move up a few spots and draft Watkins. I guess you can say the Bills select “ last year’s pick!!!”. Second round will be interesting, and I have the feeling the Bills will trade back to get extra picks. Rex loves defensive players, my guess is Bills will target a Safety and CB, even if they really need to target OL with basically every pick.

Miami Dolphins
Suh has completed and resolved it all, Dolphins will sit out the draft!
All kidding side, the Fins are in need of LBs, RB, OL, CB, and WR; they will need to find two starters in the first two rounds, if this team is to compete with Buffalo for the right to be holding the title of Patriots’ Seconds. It all depends on who is running the draft, if its Tannenbaum, the Fins will move up in more than one round.

New England Patriots
What could the World Champs possibly need? CB, DL, OL, RB, just to name a few.
While the rest of the teams have been signing players, Patriots fans have been excited about the extra picks for the draft, so I assume the draft has to be huge! They really should move up packaging a pick, but its more like they move down collecting more.
Revis is hard to replace, but replacing Vince will prove to be even harder, unless you move up.

New York Jets
Holding the #6 has had the Jets picking anyone and everyone. In the end, I believe they will trade the pick if Mariota is still on the board, if not, they pick an OLB, pass rushing specialist. They may take a chance and pick a QB in the second, but unless one they really like is there, they will go RB. When you finish at the bottom, the needs are there, and so far MM & TB are filling those needs. I hope Jets fans do not expect a dream season, the way some other fans always do. It will take a year, this time next year this team should be in a position to contend for that coveted second place they have owned for most of the century.

I am by no means a draft expert or even a well educated one, but I have to say that researching and reading the Archers, Surges and Noss of the world, I feel a lot more knowledgeable. This is a deep draft at OLB and RB. Good WR and DL early; RB is a forgotten talent in the NFL, but this year there will be some great bargains.
As we get closer to the Draft more and more articles will be available about the numerous players. If you have missed our first two of four parts by Surge, please go back and read them, very insightful.

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