AFC East Fourth & One …

Luciano 11

AFC East Fourth & One …
Luciano 11
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My team is great yours sucks edition!

The off-season is great for the soul! It usually makes most believers, even if they finished 4-12. Sign this one, draft that one…and in many cases cut this one or fire that one……and bam! My team is great!

Buffalo Bills
We finally dumped Douggie Marrone. He was the ruin of us all, together with the fool we called OC, last year we finished at a measly 9-7, should have been 11-5! We got Rex, the man we have loved for so long, boy are we lucky! EJ is the man, so what if he has not lived up to his first round status, that will happen……..hopefully he makes the team.

Now for something realistic: We Bills fans see no losses in the schedule, I mean this was made for us. The division sucks, we will defeat the Pats week 2 and probably beat them later in the year in Foxboro! Jets? Blah……Dolphins? ahahahahaha

Bills baby, we finally make the playoffs, we have our man Rex!

Miami Dolphins
We have a QB, an established one, even his contract says “Elite”. We have signed Suh, and all our problems on defense are yesterday’s news. The mammoth DL will stop the run, sack the QB, defend the pass, and maybe even defend Gronk downfield….OY!!!!!

Realistically we are way better than last year. The Ol will suddenly become a powerhouse and on to the playoffs we go! Our running game is the best in the division or equal to the Bills. Our WRs led by two babies will be the best group we have had in years. Sophomore slump! Ahahahahaha….Dolphins rule! We will easily at the very least in second place.

New England Patriots
Other fans are so dumb! So what we lost 4 DBs, two had big names, big deal!!! They won here because they wore our uniform, not because they had talent. We will not miss them. The Hooded Genius can dress little girls at DB, we still beat this weak division. No Brady for four games? Hell no, he did nothing wrong, this gets thrown out by Goodel….if not, Tom takes to the Supreme Court. Patriots win the SB again and prove to the world that all we need is Tom, Bill and Rob!

New York Jets
We have spend some serious cash! This defense is the best in the league. Geno is improving as we speak. While the division fights over who’s the best, we will snek up and make them look like the losers they are. Bills? Ahahahahaha, Rex, ahahahahaha. Dolphins? Suh, Tannehill will count for 40M in CAP next year, ahahahahaha.

The Patriots with no Brady for four, shoul;d have been a season, 1-3, 9-3 rest of the way. Jets may sneak in there at 11-5!!!


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