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AFC East News, Jan. 7-Wild Card Saturday

AFC East News, Jan. 7-Wild Card Saturday
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 From: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000769911/article/nfl-wild-card-weekend-game-picks-packers-edge-past-giants



All the talk swirling around this game is focused on Connor Cook and whether he will be good enough in his first career start for the Raiders to win. What about the Texans‘ quarterback? Tell you what: We’ll get to that. As for Oakland’s rookie third-string quarterback, how does anyone know he won’t play well? Last Sunday, Cook was thrust into a matchup against one of the league’s premier defenses, while the players on said defense were playing their hearts out for their retiring head coach. Oh, and it was on the road. Against a division opponent. Talk about a turd sandwich served up to Cook. Impossible to judge the 23-year-old on how he performed when tossed into that fire. There were those who thought Cook would go much higher than he did in the draft (100th overall pick), and it’s not like he doesn’t have Amari CooperMichael Crabtree (both 1,000-yard receivers) and Latavius Murray playing with him.

For the Texans to capitalize on the inexperience of their opponent’s QB, their goal(s) must be to pressure him, or at least confuse him. Both are relevant. Bear in mind, Oakland’s offensive line gave up only 18 sacks all year. The unit was as solid in pass protection as any group in the league. If Texans pass rushers can’t make it home (Houston only posted 31 sacks this season), then disguising coverages is a must. One big point of concern for the Texans: making sure they know their own assignments. Raiders RBs — Murray, Jalen Richard and Jamize Olawale — posted 199 yards receiving against the Texans in Mexico City. Lastly, Brock Osweiler can’t go all Osweiler with dirtballs, throwing passes on the inside shoulder when they are supposed to be on the outside shoulder and/or turning it over. His passer rating (72.2) is 44.9 points lower than NFL leader Matt Ryan. I think Oakland will score enough points to win on the road, whether people believe in Cook or not. #OAKvsHOU


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Run the football. Even if it doesn’t work. If the Lions are going to upset the Seahawks, they must utilize Zach Zenner while maintaining some semblance of balance. Constantly airing it out would be analogous to only doing biceps at the gym — which, judging by Twitter avatars, is still all the rage in 2016. The body of the offense must be used, from power runs to bubble screens to Golden Tate. Getting the former Seahawk involved early makes too much sense. He’s an emotional player who can ignite the offense. That, coupled with Zenner, can keep the Seattle pass rush at bay. Or, at the very least, provide a moment’s hesitation — Is this a draw play? — and so on.
The Seahawks can ill afford to dilly-dally, like in San Francisco last week. Matthew Stafford won’t be providing many freebies to the secondary — especially a secondary that’s sans the uber-rangy Earl Thomas. Thus, getting off to a fast start offensively is key. Come out aggressive, get Russell Wilsonout of the pocket early and take at least one vertical shot to Jimmy Graham down the seam or Paul Richardson on a classic go route. The longer the Lions hang around in a 10-7 ballgame, the more they will believe they can win.
Remember earlier this season when Stafford kept winning games in the fourth quarter, including on the road in Indianapolis and Minnesota? Better yet, remember when the winless Lions came within a foot of upsetting the Seahawks in Seattle last season? All that said, Detroit was 0-5 versus playoff teams this year, and the Seahawks haven’t lost a home playoff game since the 2004 Wild Card Round against the RamsTrivia: Anyone remember who dropped the potential game-tying touchdown pass in that game? #DETvsSEA

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