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AFC East – What if…

AFC East – What if…
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What if… version 2014-5


Every year right about now, we all dream and wonder if this is the year. Bills fans would love a playoff spot; Dolphins fans a winning season; Jets fans to get back to winning: Patriots fans another SB before Tom Brady’s career comes to an end. But, to me, the most interesting part of being a fan blogging online, is not the expectations you read, but the excuses and phantom events that never actually took place, yet! They seem to matter as if they did happen.

Slow week, boring Friday, why not enjoy some “what if… moments”. I will include some i remember below, but please add some more, discuss these, most of all enjoy the day before venturing into one of the last weekends of summer.

1. Lets start with the picture above. What if the NFL actually joined the 2015 and changed its uniforms to be more futuristic and fun?

2. What if the league was to re-align and put teams closer geographically regardless of Conference?

Now to some of the ones that affect us

1. What if the Jets had scored less points than a few opponents last season, then yes they would have been a more respectable losing team

2. What if they Patriots had not lost so many stars to injuries? Would they have played the AFCCG at home and beaten Denver?

3. What if EJ Manuel was healthy? Would he have made a difference?

4. What if the Dolphins didn’t get distracted by the”Cry-Baby Scandal”? After all they were one game from the playoffs

5. What if Sanchez didn’t suffer a season ending injury in pre-season? Would Geno have even played?

6. What if The Patriots kept Welker instead of getting Amendola?

7. What if ,,, (fill in the blank)

Upcoming season (what if…)

1. Bills, Jets and or Dolphins win enough to put pressure on Pats

2. Patriots fall apart offensively?

3. …Patriots win 8 games and all the What ifs catch up with them?

4. Three teams make it to the playoffs?


Did I mention I love the uniforms up above? Have a great weekend, enjoy the games!


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