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AFC North & AFC East Meeting Place

AFC North & AFC East Meeting Place
Luciano 11
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Welcome to 2030!


World Football League – North American Eastern Division

Week two of the pre-season, boring! bring on football please!

Let us have some fun………….Welcome to my 2030 Blog!

If you just woke up from 2014, let me introduce you to your new teams.


The NFL as some of us old folks may remember eventually expanded globally. At first we got a team in London, The Blokes. The phenomenon as it was envisioned by then Commish Goodell took a life of its own, teams were added everywhere. There are currently 128 teams in the league with 4 conferences broken down to 4 divisions each.

Just to give you an idea, last year the Phnom Penh TaiChis beat the Cleveland Manziellians (named after their famous owner) to win their third consecutive title.

Above are our new uniforms, I love them.


Games were played last night (Friday and today, Saturday, feel free to discuss.


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