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AFC North Afternoon Roundup

AFC North Afternoon Roundup
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In her first scheduled appearance of 2015, it’s…her.

Some doin’s in the AFC North leading up to this weekend’s matchups, and some of them directly affect the action on the field.

Here’s the latest…

Baltimore Ravens

The bigger the stage, the better quarterback Joe Flacco performs, says Ravens senior VP Kevin Byrne.

My Take:  There’s no debating that Flacco has performed well in the playoffs and under scrutiny.  But playing well against Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh would be unprecedented on the playoff stage.  Good luck, Joe.

Cleveland Browns

Tight end Jordan Cameron is in favor of finishing his career in Cleveland.

My Take:  The issue with Cameron isn’t his motivation or ability; it’s his health.  Given his extensive concussion history, a long term contract may not be in the offing in Cleveland or anywhere else.

Cincinnati Bengals

Star wideout A.J. Green didn’t practice on Friday and is listed as doubtful for Sunday’s game in Indianapolis.

My Take:  Losing Green would be a huge blow to a Bengals team that desperately needs him.  Earning their first playoff win since 1991 will be difficult without him, especially in a hostile environment.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers dismiss the notion that they’re better off without the venerable Troy Polamalu in the starting lineup.

My Take:  I disagree, and I think it’s shortsighted of them to presume that Polamalu can perform well based on his experience.  His coverage ability and lateral quickness have shown obvious signs of regression this season, and the playoffs are no time to gamble on his effectiveness.

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