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AFC North Afternoon Roundup

AFC North Afternoon Roundup
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Brady’s back!. The phone has to be in here somewhere…

Its been a busy week in the AFC North as teams prepare to take on four of the top eight media markets in the US. Add in high profile divisional and opposing players returning and leaving, and then add the fact that two of these teams claim to be “America’s… something”, expect a troll fest as arrogance fills message boards and stadiums. It is fitting that Tom Brady makes his post-deflategate debut in Cleveland, home of team fumblegate just one week prior. Good job, Mr Goodell, as your well paid team of… articulated both mishaps so succinctly.


It should be an interesting week to say the least.  Enjoy.



Baltimore Ravens


The Ravens may have cut Justin Forsett, but the aftermath was a virtual love-fest between the two parties.


My Take:  A reaction like this just isn’t the norm, especially for a player who had one solid year, then underperformed after signing an extension. Forsett could have been released permanently before the season began and his salary would have been off the books. Instead, the Ravens made a promise to release him then sign him back after running into timing issues with the NFL’s mandated roster cut and injured reserve designation dates. This “release and catch” move guaranteed Forsett a full salary for the 2016 season. Three weeks later, the Ravens permanently released him anyway.
Perhaps there was much more of a relationship between the two parties behind the scenes, or perhaps the Ravens are taking a political route, and mending public perception on how the team treated the former Ravens running back Forsett replaced. Regardless, Forsett has $3 million reasons to be just fine with the release, and he can always add to that salary if another team gives him a call. Forsett’s 12 total games of service in 2015 and 2016 earned him a cool $6M. Who says running backs can’t make a good living any longer?



Cleveland Browns

Just another week in a day and the life of a Browns fan. Their star wide receiver called it quits (“allegedly” for both substance and strapping on a Browns or NFL uniform), their team made a series of minor roster moves, and they had to listen to the NFL invent creative ways to bail out its refs.


My Take:  Things have been so bad in DogPoundland recently, that the saving slogan has been “well, things can only get better from here”. Unfortunately after a rough week four followed by a showdown with the Patriots, an 0-5 record is expected by Sunday night. But in sticking to the “getting better” theme: at least the Browns don’t have to worry about Josh Gordon any longer; the Browns might be 0-4, but they could easily be 3-1; and the NFL and Roger Goodell look like even bigger idiots than the week prior (and who knew THAT was possible) after justifying that “we know for sure that he fumbled” gives a referee the right to hand the ball to the team of his or her choice. I’m sure the wiseguys in Vegas caught that precedence set after this week’s explanation, crafted either by the deflategate legal team, or one of their toddlers.


Cincinnati Bengals


The Bengals are heading to the Big D, and the writers are a confident bunch in Jerryland.


My Take: In fairness, the writer does give the Bengals props, and makes minor mention of the fact that their 3-1 record has been aided by the opposition, but he seem to be angling that once the Cowboys are fully healthy, they will be a force. Now of course this is possible, but the Cowboys have had more talent in the past and were mediocre at best. When Romo returns, he will start. That should strike fear in anyone’s optimistic outlook.



Pittsburgh Steelers


Speculation continues regarding who will be starting on the Steelers offensive line, so we might as well go the extreme opposite and compare gyrating dance moves.


My Take:  gyrategate has been all the rage in Pittsburgh after Antonio Brown was penalized and subsequently fined for treating the ball like an anatomical object. The article claims that the two dances are essentially equal, but in my opinion, the big difference is the use of his “ball”. My only question regarding the ball (using cable terms), is it being used as a female connector or male connector? I can see the more likely scenario where he is (tire pressure term) forcing it into a pump, but also could be used as the pump. I for one hope stories like these continue throughout the season.

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