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AFC North Afternoon Roundup

AFC North Afternoon Roundup
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We’re here!  We actually survived Week One.


Well, most of us, anyway.  Adios, Robert Griffin III…again.  It’s doubtful that we’ll ever see you start another NFL game in Cleveland, let alone anywhere else.  I certainly don’t fault you for trying, but little things, like learning to slide, are crucial to a quarterback’s survival.  If you can’t learn these things, you’re better off riding the pine and reviewing game film with the hope that some residual knowledge might actually stick.


With that said, here’s today’s afternoon scuttlebutt.  Enjoy.



Baltimore Ravens


John Eisenberg speculates that the Ravens are much better off flying under the radar.


My Take:  I’m inclined to agree, although for slightly different reasons.  The Ravens, due to their poor showing last season, haven’t had the time, effort, or distinctive roster moves that garner headlines, which is just fine as long as they continue to build on the success, particularly on defense, that they established in Week One.  We’ll see if they can hold it together against Cleveland QB Josh McCown, who decimated the Ravens’ secondary last season.



Cleveland Browns


The anticipation begins in trying to determine the 2017 starter at quarterback.


My Take:  C’mon, fellas.  Speculation and projection are what many journalists are paid to write, but this smacks of the ridiculous.  It’s possible that RGIII will recover, rebound, and have a brilliant second half of the season.  It’s also possible that I’ll finally get that call back from Katy Perry apologizing for slapping that restraining order on me.  Hey, anything’s possible.



Cincinnati Bengals


Geoff Hobson discusses his opinion of the Bengals’ “gutsiest” wins of the Marvin Lewis era.


My Take:  As a Ravens fan, I’ve gotten used to seeing the Bengals beat my team most of the time, so my perspective is a bit skewed.  What most of the public hears about are the Bengals’ losses, usually of the playoff variety, so it’s nice to read about some positives for a change.  And A.J. Green’s epic performance last Sunday is certainly worth additional discussion.



Pittsburgh Steelers


Wideout Antonio Brown’s almost-obsessive attention to detail is critical to his success.


My Take:  This is usually the case with the great players in the NFL, and in professional sports in general.  Success is not just a matter of physical achievement, but of meticulous preparation, and Brown is becoming known for his extensive workouts and film study in addition to his considerable natural talents.  Of course, having an all-pro quarterback throwing to you helps a little too…

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