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AFCE – 2015 First Look

AFCE – 2015 First Look
S/R Staff
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AFCE – 2015 First Look

By Northshorepsbc


The 2014 Season is over and once again only New England will attend the dance for the AFC East.  Since no AFCE teams are playing on Wild Card Weekend, now is a good time to take a first look at the 2015 season possibilities for the AFCE teams in alphabetical order by nick-name.  As a whole the AFCE trades in the AFCW and NFCN for conference opponents and picks up the AFCS and NFCE in 2015.  Having the AFCS should help bolster records a little.


Days after their best season in many years the Bills have had nothing but bad news.  The starting QB retired (meh) and the Head Coach walked away.  In 2015 the Bison do have Cap space and Kiko Alonso coming back.  They did trade away their first round pick in the Sammy Watson deal and need a QB to either start or back up EJ Manuel.  In either case they will have to pay for a Moore or Hoyer type.  The Bills cannot risk relying totally on EJ.  The very strong defense will have to lead the way for the Bills in 2015.  The Bills will also have a second place schedule which means no more doormats from the other conferences.   2015 record guess: 8-8


Yet another underachieving season for the Dolphins.  Good news: Tannehill improved a lot.  The O-line was way better than expected for most of the year.  Bad news: They are over the Cap. Wallace continues to show he was not worth near what he is paid.  The defense under-performed against the run.  Because they have a QB and, for better or for worse, the coach and GM remain the same the Fins should be able to tread water.

2015 record guess: 8-8


Where do you start? Terrible 2014 season.  Coach fired, GM fired, no quarterback and an unimpressive owner.  Good news:  The defensive line is awesome.  The jets have the 6th pick and money to spend on FAs.  Too many holes and no good answer for QB unless Geno found his way in the last game of the season.

2015 record guess: 5-11


To quote Jethro Tull: “The train won’t stop going — No way to slow down.”  Still Brady, still Belichick, still Gronk.  Finding some way to sign Revis would certainly help.  For the draft the team needs both offensive and defensive fatties.  The O-line is especially thin and if they lose Revis the lack of pass rushers outside of Jones will be much more apparent.  2015 record guess: 12-4

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