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Are You Ready for Some Football!?

Are You Ready for Some Football!?
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Preseason Week Two:

Baltimore Ravens (1-0) @ Philadelphia Eagles (1-0), 7PM EST, NFL Network


Tonight’s AFC North game is the first of two national games that will be on NFL Network. San Diego at Arizona will be the 10PM game.

Click here for regional coverage information of all Preseason Week Two games.

After a week of practicing with the Eagles, during which Chip Kelly invented calling Joe Flacco “elite,” the Ravens will square off against Philadelphia. Flacco seems to be the kind of player Kelly would like, for…reasons. Expect John Urschel to take first team reps at LG, as Kelechi Osemele battles an Achilles injury.

Make sure to DVR the beginning of the game, which will feature a probable Sam Bradford double knee explosion that forces a struggling Mark Sanchez into action at quarterback. Also, Tim Tebow.

The Eagles field a depleted starting secondary that will be going against a gaggle of Ravens wide receivers who are all competing for a starting job next to Steve Smith. On the other side of the ball, the Eagles feature a new-look backfield that will be running behind an offensive line which struggled mightily last season. Jettisoning Pro Bowl G Evan Mathis wont help matters contending with a strong, albeit, Ngata-less, Baltimore defensive line.



Hooray inconsistent line breaks!


Hooray, football!
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