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Are You Ready for Some Football!?

Are You Ready for Some Football!?
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Today’s Games:

Tennessee Titans (1-0) @ Cleveland Browns (0-1), 1 PM EST

San Francisco 49ers (1-0) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (0-1), 1 PM EST

San Diego Chargers (1-0) @ Cincinnati Bengals (1-0), 1 PM EST

Baltimore Ravens (0-1) @ Oakland Raiders (0-1), 4 PM EST


Click here for regional coverage information of all Week Two games.


Johnny Football makes his first start of the season today against the Titans. Last week, rookie Titans quarterback, Marcus Mariota, wowed the Titans’ entire fan base (admittedly, a handful) with his stellar performance. Will the Browns’ defense fail to stop the run again? Can Manziel limit his turnovers to give theBrowns a chance?


The Steelers host the 49ers in a game that should allow the Steelers to bounce back. After a tumultuous offseason, the 49ers surprised the NFL last week with a win over the Vikings. A west coast team traveling east for a 1 PM game – you know the rest. After a poor outing in New England, look for the Steelers to fix some issues.


In Cincinnati, a Battle of the Unbeatens has us on the edge of our seat. Again, a west coast team headed east puts the Chargers at a disadvantage. Both of these teams tend to have inexplicably streaky performances from game to game, so expect to be entertained by a great game, or a comedy of errors.


The Ravens head to Oakland to face the Athletics after spending the week on the west coast. Questions still remain about where offensive production will come from after a still TBD inspiring defensive effort from Denver, an uninspiring effort from Baltimore’s offense, or both. either way, facing a Christian Ponder led team is just the right thing to get back on track.


Hooray, football!
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