Author Revenue Sharing

Writing articles takes time and it is not something everyone feels comfortable doing, but to those who take the time and enjoy doing it I offer revenue sharing via advertising through Adsense. I have mentioned this before and it is a standing offer that is also stated in the “Write For Us” section of the site.

To make it easier for any of you interested in writing for us, i am writing this post as a step by step guide to set up your Adsense account and begin receiving some money for your work. I also had a plugin made a year ago that will differentiate ad revenue by author name to make sure each author gets credit for their work.


  1. To signup for Adsense please read this guide on setting it up:
  2.  Once set up and approved by Adsense, create an ad and email the ad code to me so i can place it under your author name. Note: It takes about 24 hours for ads to begin displaying after being approved.
  3. You will need to connect adsense to either your bank account or paypal so they can transfer the funds once you reach $100 in ad revenue. (You will see a tab in your Adsense account with instructions on how to do this)

To really see some revenue the key is to promote your writing. You can go to other sites and link your article in their comment section, re-tweet it via twitter or share it on Facebook. The more it is seen the higher the amount of revenue you will gain. If you have any questions or if you sign up and want to submit your ad code please e-mail me at