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AFC East

Bills Vs Jets: Original Sin

Bills Vs Jets: Original Sin
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Recently there has been some discussion between these two teams in regards to the skill positions and which team is better. The only reason this argument matters is because sadly these two teams are the most talented on offense excluding QB in the AFC East. This discussion will exclude the QB position as we both know both teams will be drafting a new QB in 2021 (Jets are on the James Blackmon train). It will focus on the WRs, TEs, RBs, OL and the playcaller and after reviewing each, we will determine who wins this bragging contest before the reality of the regular season hits.

Skill Positions: Disadvantage Fans

Both teams spent the offseason investing in their skill positions by signing with the Bills focusing mainly on WRs and the Jets blowing their load on a diva RB. The Bills starting WR trio is Cole Beasley, John Brown and Zay Jones with Robert Foster being sprinkled in. The Jets starting WR trio is Jamison Crowder, Robby Anderson (when not arrested) and Quincy Enuwa (when actually healthy). Neither trio really scares anyone. The Jets trio has the potential to be great but will never live up to it while the Bills WRs you know you are getting mediocrity. Cole Beasley is a NE WR, John Brown is perfect for Josh Allen and Zay Jones just needs stickum. The Jets have Jamison Crowder who is overhyped, Robby Anderson who is overhyped, and Quincy Enuwa who is overyhyped. Neither trio will scare you. The one area the Jets have the edge is at TE because their TE (whatever his name is) has actually played in the NFL while the Bills are down to their 12th string guy they picked up from Waffle House.

Now we go to RB which will be some controversy. The Jets blew their load in getting LeVeon Bell who turned down more money from the Steelers last year because he thought it was 1989. He sat out last year and was thankful the Jets GM can’t help but overpay players or else he would be playing in New England for the veteran minimum. The Bills big signing at RB is the ageless wonder of Frank Gore who was leaps and bounds better than Bell in 2018. The Bills drafted a RB in the 3rd round which is the smart move to make as RBs should not get paid big money, you can find a good one anywhere, especially in the 5th round. Also Bell was not that good his last year he actually played, having a hilariously bad 4.0 ypc and was not the Bell who is worth anything close to what the Jets gave him. I’m excluding LeSeasn McCoy because I expect him to not be on the roster in 2019 since he is 2nd string RB at best now. Overall, both skill positions are mediocre at best and will not win you any games.

Offensive Line: Advantage Bills

The offensive line for both teams also had a little makeover. The Bills went all out, signing and drafting an entire offensive line and at least four of them will be starting for them with Dion Dawkins being the lone holdover. The Jets spent this offseason getting trading for Kelechi Osemele who was not good enough to remain on a terrible Raiders team. They were also desperate at center, luring Ryan Kalil out of retirement. The Bills offensive line didn’t rely on big name players like the Jets are trying to do but they have far more depth and more reliability. This is a no brainer, the Bills offensive line is better and will help the Machine Frank Gore enter Canton.

Coaching: Advantage Bills

The biggest thing between these two has to be with who will be calling the plays as it doesn’t matter what talent you have, if the playcaller is terrible, you won’t produce (cough 2014 Bills cough).

The offensive playcallers are Super Bowl and National Champion winning Brian Daboll and fired from the Dolphins Adam Gase. Daboll runs a very varied scheme and finds a way to make things happen with less talent. Last year he made no name Robert Foster look like a star in the second half of the season and unleashed Josh Allen. Meanwhile you got Adam Gase whose claim to fame is making Iron Man Ryan Tannehill became as fragile as Aaron Rodgers. Gase also somehow made the Dolphins offense worse and doesn’t know an offensive line he can’t neglect. People think Gase will be good this time but without Peyton Manning, he has been a joke of a playcaller and even Nathaniel Hackett has done a better job as a playcaller. Daboll knows how to maximize his talent and even in the preseason with the new pieces has found a way to mask Josh Allen’s inability to properly throw a football and have him look like a competent QB. Adam Gase meawhile, lost to the Giants. Advantage Bills in this department as it will be a miracle for the Jets to live up to their potential.

In conclusion, the Bills have far more talent on offense and have the coaching to make their offense better than the Jets. QB is the only place the Jets might have an advantage but that is because the Bills have a RB at QB and Ginger Sanchez can at least throw the ball, just to the other team. The Bills will be competing for a Wild Card spot while the Jets will be competing for a top 5 pick with the Miami Dolphins.

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