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Breakout year…New York Jets

Older AFCE
Luciano 11

Breakout year…New York Jets
Luciano 11
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The series I started back in 2014 is back for a third season. I will pick a player from each AFCE team. This is the player I think has a breakout year; a year that makes people take notice. With the final one of the four, we find the New York Jets.
Last year, I chose Calvin Pryor, because he showed big promise in his rookie year.
The Jets tired Todd Bowles last year, and he took a mess and turned it into a nice story. The defense was always strong, a bit misdirected, but solid. The offense took a big step forward, mostly because Todd placed trust into the right people. However, if this team is to make the playoffs, it will be because this defense is among the best in the NFL.
The player I’m choosing will be a huge reason why the Jets have another good season, Leonard Williams.
The Jets did not expect to find Williams available, but when he was, it would have been insane to pass on this incredibly gifted athlete. Has the ability to turn into one of the elite players the league has developed.
At 6’5” 305 lbs, Williams will be one of the best, when its all said and done.
Incredible athleticism
Strong and powerful
Great length
Very explosive
Needs to keep improving hands work
Not quick coming out of stance
At the end of the season Jets fans will consider Williams their best defender. Leonard may become the next NFL elite star.

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