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Broncos@Jets Game Review

Broncos@Jets Game Review
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Before I review the latest game which is part of the strings of losses the Jets have admirably put together, let me give you a very quick review of the other two divisional games: Same ole same ole and moral victories are for losers (see Jets in GB).

I turned on and watched pre-game as I usually do every week. I switch between all four main ones (CBS, FOX, ESPN and NFLN). The theme was the same in all of them, make fun of what the “Great Manning” was about to do to the NY Jets.

By the time the game started the media had convinced me that I shouldn’t even bother watch the game, it was already over and Manning was throwing at least 6 TDs to have the record. That was not the case, apparently the Broncos were watching too.

Rex elected to defer and let Manning take the field, a huge gamble I thought. He moved the Broncos downfield, until the Jets stopped them and only gave up a field goal, That set the tempo as I guess Rex expected. The defense began to pressure Manning from all angles, and he looked rattled like I have never seen him before.

Manning started to hurry his throws and was very off target; too low, no where near the receiver, it was a thing of beauty.

Meanwhile the Jets moved down field and with the suddenly newly found Jace Amaro, they took the lead in the game.

The Jets defense continued to rattle Manning, and were also stopping their running game (most of the first half that is). When Manning got pinned back to his 2, the punt from that changed the outcome of the game. Brown fielded it around midfield and he fumbled it back to Manning. That changed field position, which to this point was all in the Jets favor. Instead of having another drive to increase the lead, we gave the ball back.

The defense still held, and Manning ended up losing 6-7 yards on the drive. The punt put the Jets deep in their territory, that set up the Broncos nicely once the Jets punted away.

The Broncos took the lead, mostly because suddenly the defense forgot to stop the run.

The rest of the game Manning looked pedestrian, and I never heard any of the commentators say “He didn’t get his 6 TDs, Jets defense did a good job”. I almost puked at the Manning ass kissing.

Casualties?, besides my heart, Dee Milliner was injured again and OL Winters looks lost for the season. On to Thursday…… no time to cry about the loss or the injuries.

A win in New England would change the course of the season, as this is the last game they play this kind of string of games (Rodgers, Cutler, Stafford, Rivers, Manning, Brady). The rest are called Orton (twice), Tannehill (twice), Brady at home, Smith, Big Ben, Bridgewater and God only knows who in Tennessee.

Go Jets!



p.s To other writers: writing about your team is good therapy, try it!

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