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Browns’ Quarterback Options

Browns’ Quarterback Options
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The Ravens and Steelers of the early 2000s proved that a strong run game and defense, coupled with a game manager at quarterback, can take you deep into the playoffs. The 2014 Browns were on that track before Alex Mack’s injury derailed the run game, and upper management’s curiosity called for Johnny Manziel to start.

With two first round picks (12 and 19), the Browns have a chance to draft another quarterback this year. The most notable option is Jameis Winston, from Florida State, who appears to be a talented player with maturity issues. With personnel men appearing to be committed to Manziel, it’s unlikely the Browns draft a similar player.

Marcus Mariota from Oregon has until today to declare his draft status. He can run, pass, he makes good decisions and has a strong arm that would be well-suited in AFC North climates. He’s also a bit undersized, inaccurate, and possibly the product of another college system that accentuates his strengths against inferior talent.

Cardale Jones, a national hero over the past month, has declared that he isn’t ready for the NFL, and will remain in college next year.

With no Andrew Luck prospect in the draft, where do the Browns look for QB help? Johnny Manziel and Connor Shaw are the QBs currently under contract. Should the Browns focus on other positions and bring in another game manager?

Available free agent QBs include the Browns’ former starter, Brian Hoyer and some other notable names like Mark Sanchez, Jake Locker, Michael Vick, Christian Ponder, Jason Campbell, Matt Moore, and Ryan Mallet.

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