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Dissecting a “Great Season”…The Losers Club

Dissecting a “Great Season”…The Losers Club
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Here we are, three games left, and one of our team is in the dance, two others are being auditioned, and then there is the Jets.
Before I get to the purpose of this work of art, and its ridiculous insights, let me back it up a little.
The AFCE has become a vicious circle of jerks, if you are not called the Patriots. Three straight years, each fan base gets taken for this ride called the post season, two were short, will the Dolphins stop that trend called The Losers Club?
2014 Season: The Buffalo Bills find a way to a 9-7 record, the fits winning season in some years. The Bills missed the playoffs by half a game, as the Bengals and Ravens were the WCs. What a strange season that was, as head coach Marone walked away shortly after what was a good season.
2015 Season: The New York Jets end at 10-6, same exact record as the Steelers. Teams even had same conference records, however, the AFCE karma kicked in, and the Jets were not in. Jets controlled their destiny, but lost in Buffalo. The other team in the WC was the streaking Chiefs.
2016 Season: We are now witnessing the third member of the Losers Club, and what has been a surprising, but good season, the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins are at 8-5, and fighting for that remaining 6th seed, the one that has eluded club members since 2010.
I  believe the trend is not broken this year, and there are many reason why I feel this way:

  1. Of the remaining teams fighting for that spot only two have a negative point differential, unless you believe the Colts can be a WC team. The Texans, who I believe only have one way in, the division title, and the Dolphins. Why does this matter? The last team to make the playoffs as a WC scoring less than their opponents, was the Colts; and they needed 11 victories. It also tends to show that luck has played a huge role in the current record. How can you be 8-5 otherwise?
  2. Weakest offenses, again, Texans and Dolphins, joined by the Ravens. Two weakest defenses? Texans and Dolphins. This, obviously based on points scored or allowed, because ultimately that is the only true barometer.
  3. Remaining schedules are important, however, a year ago, if you asked me, I would have said, not a shot in hell the Jets allow the Bills to beat them in week 17. If you believe the Dolphins can walk into NJ and Buffalo, in that cold weather and simply win, you are dreaming. Oh yea, there is this little matter called the Patriots as well.
  4. Last and most important, the QB. The Dolphins have struggled scoring all year. And as much as we all make fun of Ryan Tannehill, he and Moore should never be compared at any point in their careers.  If Moore was that good, he would not be in Miami backing up RT. This team will struggle even more with Moore, not less.

I may turn out to be wrong, but the road to the playoffs is a tough one for these Dolphins. It has to start with beating the Jets Saturday night. They should, but the Jets should have beaten the Bills too! The Losers Club lives on one more year!!!

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