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Early Season Outlook-Miami Dolphins

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Luciano 11

Early Season Outlook-Miami Dolphins
Luciano 11
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Free agency has nothing left but a few crumbs, the draft has been completed, and the teams are now trying out un-drafted players, in the hopes of finding a hidden gem. Soon there will be no news at all as summer will be upon us.
I want to take a realistic look at the upcoming season, although early for various reasons, this could be fun. It will be done without hate, regardless of my allegiance, I will be fair….at least to what I consider fair.

2016 Schedule

1 Sun, Sep 11 @ Seattle

2 Sun, Sep 18 @ New England

3 Sun, Sep 25 vs Cleveland

4 Thu, Sep 29 @ Cincinnati

5 Sun, Oct 9 vs Tennessee

6 Sun, Oct 16 vs Pittsburgh

7 Sun, Oct 23 vs Buffalo


9 Sun, Nov 6 vs New York Jets

10 Sun, Nov 13 @ San Diego

11 Sun, Nov 20 @ Los Angeles

12 Sun, Nov 27 vs San Francisco

13 Sun, Dec 4 @ Baltimore

14 Sun, Dec 11 vs Arizona

15 Sat, Dec 17 @ New York Jets

16 Sat, Dec 24 @ Buffalo

17 Sun, Jan 1 vs New England


The division: Miami salvaged the year with a week 17 win against the Patriots. Hard to imagine them getting swept by two teams again. I think Gase will have them playing better offense. I still think they will be a work in progress, however, they win an extra game, 2-4.


The NFCW: Opening the season in Seattle is not easy. Another trip west to Los Angeles, with home games against the 49ers and Cardinals. Very tough match ups for the Dolphins, i will call this 1-3.


The AFCN: The Dolphins get visits to Baltimore, which i think they win, and Cincinnati, where they will lose. Home games against the Browns and Steelers will be split as well, 2-2.


The Rest: Home game against Tennessee is going to be a tough one, but I don;t see the Titans beating the Dolphins. The road is also winnable, but it is on the west coast against the Chargers. i will call this 1-1.


The Season: Very tough year for Gase to begin his reign in Miami. I think the Dolphins will look a lot better, but their record will not show it. 6 wins this year, is more like 8 of a year ago, since this schedule is brutal. Another 6-10 season should not discourage Dolphins fans.

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