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First Down Morning Links

First Down Morning Links
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First Down Links are to some of the latest news about our AFC East teams


Is Dimitri Patterson the “next man up” for the Miami Dolphins or will he get the filleted like Richard Marshall did? This Sun Sentinel article has some good quotes from Patterson along with updates on OG John Jerry and DT Randy Starks. Before speculating dooomm concerning the Fins, you may want to wait and see how these two veterans perform in this weeks game against the Bucs.



New England Patriots 2nd/3rd Quarterback Tim Tebow still feels confident even though roster cuts are looming. Also in this article Belichik opens up and tells all about the Amendola injury



Antonio Cromartie may want to lighten up a bit when hitting his own New York Jet team mates in practice. Here Cromartie says “Football is starting to become very–I’m not trying to say soft, but you’ve got to hit.” This Long Island Newsday article also touches on the broken arm of Lex Hilliard.



The Buffalo Bills closed out their training camp at St. John Fisher yesterday, the players say that they have enjoyed this years camp. There is allot of information here including, Jarius Byrd updates, Gilmore injury, and starting lineup hints along with other team information.

http://www.buffalobills.com/news/article-2/Practice-Notes—Aug-21st/f0af55c4-ca0a-493a-863e-cadffa67bf73   [dropcap]Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders[/dropcap]

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