First Down Morning Links

First Down Morning Links
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First Down Links are to some of the latest stories about our AFC East teams


“That’s probably the main reason why I want Dion Jordan back,”  Dolphins defensive lineman Jared Odrick said. “It’s to carry my pads after practice. Because I’m pretty tired after practice and he’s got his technique down. I think he puts two helmets on the left hand and one on the right.” …See what the coaching staff has to say about the possibilities that Jordan will be ready for Game 1


I apologize to the New England Patriots fans , but this question is on many peoples minds (including yours), will Tebow make the final cut. This Boston Herald article dives into the reasons why he has not earned a right to stay on the roster. If you just can’t stand to read another article about Tebow I have offered you an alternative, yes there are two links for the Patriots this morning and it’s not even Christmas.


The New York Jets coach has been reluctant to make a decision concerning the starting quarterback. Tyler Conway, Bleacher Report Columnist, shows no reluctance in this detailed article about the many challenges facing the Jets. Conway says “the only question is how much schadenfreude the media will indulge in along the way.” It’s a good read whether you agree with him or not.


As much as I wish we could move on, with the start of the season less than two weeks away, the fact that the Buffalo Bills are not sure who the starting quarterback will be, is this teams  top story. My biggest concern here is that the Bills will bring back Manuel too soon and end up losing him for the season. Being a little older, and obviously wiser than many of you,. 🙂 .., I would make Tuel prove he is better than Leinart even if we had to draw the plays up in the sand on the sidelines. Marrone tells us, in this article, what he will be looking for from Manuel before making his decision.

By the way I would have normally cropped the photo above and zoomed in a little to enhance the enjoyment of the readers, but the faces of the two guys at the bottom begged to be left in the photo.


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