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Game Rewind: Week 17 – Jets @ Bills

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Game Rewind: Week 17 – Jets @ Bills
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Week 17, it all comes down to this for two of our teams. Both, the Jets and the Patriots control their own destiny as they visit the other two divisional members. Patriots can clinch home field throughout; Jets can click a wild card spot with a win.


First up, the Jets travel to Buffalo to get a revenge on Rex Ryan.


—- the game —-


Bills defeated the Jets in the Christmas Thursday Night Bowl, that game had ramifications, but not as big as this one. The Bills season  has been over for weeks, as they enter with the record of 7-8, Rex staring at a first season disaster. He needs to beat divisional rival to keep the mafia from Buffalo from giving him a cement collar on Lake Erie.


The Jets control their destiny, a win and the Steelers are eliminated. The team has played extremely well, especially offensively as we approach the end of the season. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brandon Marshall are about to finally play in a playoff game……or not.


The Bills did not pack their bags early, they rallied around their HC and defeated the Jets 22-17, and the Jets are eliminated from the playoffs.


Tyrod Taylor stayed below 30 passes, 18/28 for 182, no TDs, no INTs. The ground attack was well below their average, with just 113 yards on 43 carries. The defense only sacked Fitzpatrick once. Leaving anyone that did not watch the game wondering, how did the jets lose?……………..Fitztragic happened!


Ryan Fitzpatrick decided to go back to his pedestrian roots, the ones that turned him into a journey man, the ones that barely got him a Texans contract of 7M total for two years. 16/37 181 is as bad a day as he had all year. 2 TDs, 3INTs that were like daggers going through the heart of every Jets fan on tv. The three interceptions happened in the last three drives of the game, making it even worst.


The Jets had a tremendous season, considering that a year ago their record was 4-12, but they blew the chance to be in the playoffs and a trip to Dalton’s Bengals. Ryan Fitzpatrick had an excellent season, but this last game will be hard to forget.


The Bills had a year similar tot he previous one, with one less victory. Fans expected more, Rex has a lot of work to win them over.


Biggest losers:

  1. Ryan Fitzpatrick, the easiest choice; leaders and good QBs stand up for the moment, especially when they have been chasing a playoff dream forever. The team was in a position to win this game, three times, and he blew it all three times.
  2. New York Jets fans because for a week we felt pretty sure that a team with so much to gain would defeat a team that had nothing to play for.


Game highlights




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