Game Rewind: Week 9 – Dolphins @ Bills

Luciano 11

Game Rewind: Week 9 – Dolphins @ Bills
Luciano 11
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Over the next few weeks, we will revisit all divisional games, in the order that they were played. We have now reached the halfway point in the 2015 season, and these divisional games become much more interesting.


The Dan Campbell Dolphins have been up and down trying to regain respectability, and a win in Buffalo, against a team they cannot beat, would solidify the HC past the interim status. They march into Buffalo with a 3-5 record.


The Bills on the other hand are trying to get over the hump that has kept them down to a .500 team all season. A home divisional win could launch Rex and company into a nice streak that would lead to that expected playoff spot. The bills enter this game 4-4.


—- The game —-


Ryan Tannehill has a very deceiving game, no TDs, no INTS, but 2 fumbles. Offensively the Dolphins continue to be uninspired and dull. The play calling is suspect, the execution is a joke. Very few of the problems seem resolved. Maybe it wasn’t Joe Philbin’s fault?


Defensively the Dolphins continue to be a disaster, especially stopping the run. Buffalo ran for 266 yards in this game, Suh continues to look lost and not interested. If he was playing a season like this, after that contract, in a bigger market like NY, or a town where players are exposed more, Suh would have been run out of town.


The Bills played a typical Rex Ryan game. The QB, Tyrod Taylor threw the ball a whole 12 times, reminiscent of 1950s football. The Bills won 33-17, very hard to argue that. But this style of winning shows you a vulnerability, Bills cannot afford to fall behind in games.


Both McCoy and Williams ran for over 100 yards, between them 3 TDs were scored. O the receiving end, Sammy Watkins was the beneficiary of 75% of Tyrod’s passes, ending with 168 yards and 1 TD.


Biggest losers:


  1. Dan Campbell, his entrance had created hope, but in the end, it’s not the HC that was a problem, this is a bad football team, full of bad football players.
    Modern football in general, as Rex went back to not trusting the QB and throwing only when it is absolutely necessary. Most High Schools today throw more than 12 times, hell, I have watched 10-12 year olds play, and they throw more than 12 times
  2. AFCE because we got to see a bad football team and a mediocre one battle it out taking the entire division down a notch.
  3. Rex Ryan because he is trying to win games his way, defensively and offensively. The HC must adjust, or force coordinators to adjust, to the personnel on hand. Rex is stubborn and really believes that his style, the one played by the Bears in the 80s. Tough defense, McMahon never throwing, run non stop and only pass because the RBs and running QB were not able to get you closer than third and three, that is how you win games.

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