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Gauges? Are you kidding me?

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Luciano 11

Gauges? Are you kidding me?
Luciano 11
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Before you get all excited and think that is another attack on the Patriots on DeflateGate article, relax, its not! The Tom Brady ordeal is however the inspiration of what will basically be my opinion on how stupid the NFL is.

I must tell you about my ignorance, because until this mess exploded back in January, I had no idea that the official footballs were provided by each team. Really?

The NFL and its multi billion dollar operation have neglected what should have been the simplest rule of all, provide the official game ball.

This week, it was reported that Dean Blandino sent an email to all teams, apologizing for not getting them the “approved air gauges”. When I read that, all I saw is ways to adjust the gauge to read what I want it to, after all its provided by the NFL. Are these folks that dumb?

At this point, I truly hope that the NFL loses the appeal and they get exposed for the clueless idiots they are.

If I was the Commissioner:

  1. First of all, I would talk to the league cheap stakes, the owners, and ask them to spend a little more to make the game legit.
  2. Assign an extra Official to all games, yes it means paying for one more job.
  3. Assign game balls, whatever the number is, 20-30? All these balls will be inflated and provided by the “New” Official.
  4. Both teams get to use the same ball, period! Who the hell cares if a few spoiled brats want a different ball?
  5. The Official, and only he has the power to change the game ball.

Instead, we are assigning gauges! Because that solves the issue

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