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Good Morning, AFC North!

Good Morning, AFC North!
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Baltimore Ravens:

What is Lardarius Webb’s fate?

My Take: It’s not really a tough call. Webb isn’t living up to the contract he signed when he was in the discussion for handful of best cornerbacks in the NFL. Ideally, he’ll take a pay cut.

Cincinnati Bengals:

Should the Bengals make a strong push to sign Ndamukong Suh?

My Take: While the Bengals need to address the defensive line’s starters and depth, they have shown that they can find players later in the draft who can contribute and even develop into top defensive talent. It also isn’t the Bengals’ style to pursue big name free agents.

There isn’t a compelling reason not to pursue him, as the Bengals don’t need to be cautious with the cap and no Drew Brees or Peyton Manning is available in the QB market.

Cleveland Browns:

Baylor QB Bryce Petty is drawing attention from the Browns.

My Take: The Browns need to address the QB position at some point, and a later round pick can’t hurt to push Manziel to find out if he even wants to play.

The Browns should bring back Brian Hoyer, as there isn’t any free agent QB who is an upgrade, and the Browns don’t need to waste more time wondering if that QB is their future leader. Hoyer knows the system, and with a strong run game, can lead the Browns well as they groom their QB of the future.

Pittsburgh Steelers:

When will Brett Keisel decide if he wants to play next season?

My Take: Keisel showed that he certainly has something left in the tank when he returned this season and led the Steelers’ line with stellar play, albeit on a subpar line. The Steelers are likely to address the defensive line in the draft, but if Kesisel wants to play, the Steelers should welcome him back. He’s great depth, at the worst.

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