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Inflate or Deflate?

Inflate or Deflate?
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As the world deflates around the Patriots

Before we review, analyze this new bizarre event in Foxboro let me remind you of one simple thing: Sean Peyton was suspended for not knowing and compromising the integrity of the game.

I lived the Video thing as a Jets fan and Manginious, and frankly I never really put much weight on it. After all, the Pats were better than the Jets. For years I have read and seen attacks, made up stories, accusations and even truth about this, and for years I have remained blind. But, now we are talking about the Super Bowl, and unfortunately the rest of the league didn’t choose this, the Patriots did.

We have had fumbles in the snow, video tapings, formations that have never been thought to be legal, and now deflated footballs. It appears that Mr. Belichick, the same one that signed a contract to be the HC of one team and get introduced, while he was already in agreement with the Patriots. The man has bent the rules for ever, so really nothing he does is shocking. Great HC, maybe the best ever, but his legacy is tainted. Pretty Boy will be remembered as a liar instead of the great QB he has been. The organization and legacy Kraft worked so hard and diligently to build, will always be called “The Cheating Team”.

Yesterday we got two very creative news conferences, both well rehearsed (I mean why did it take so long for Brady to follow BB to the podium?) He was already at the facility, where he held a closed door meeting. Simple, BB passed the baton because he cannot communicate worth a crap, and Brady needed to deliver the message they wanted.

We got a lot of lies….To my knowledge, when anything happens to a team, anything, the first thing they do is announce that they will do an internal investigation. That has not yet happened, why? Usually we already know the name of the culprit, in this case the ball boy. Do we know that? No!

Mr Kraft is one of the most respected NFL owners, so much so, that he is usually the one that takes the limelight front and center. Did that happen? No!

The NFL and Roger Goodell have not even talked to Brady yet, this according to Tom. Why? They are hoping that the game will overtake this, and they will deal with it later. Sorry folks, but this is the biggest event in American television, and all reporters from Sports to Fashion News cover it. This is NOT going away, and the NFL will pay for it. Goodall may have survived the Rice fiasco, but he will not survive this stage, unless he moves quickly. This is going to become the story, not the Super Bowl, and that in itself is an indictment.

Lets get back to facts: The ref certifies the balls, then Brady tells the phantom Ball Boy to make sure they are to his liking, so exactly what does certification mean? Are we supposed to be stupid?

The owners respect Kraft, they have backed his boy Goodell, the owners will want to know what is happening. Behind closed doors this weekend, they will meet and figure out what to do. This cannot be topic number one on Tuesday. They need to act and fast!

The Patriots need to do some serious house cleaning. When most of the modern rules are in place because of you? There is a problem.


What I believe really happened

The Patriots have done this before because BB and Brady both hate to lose, even one game. They do a lot of good legal things to win, but if there is a way to gain an edge they do that too, even if it means breaking the rules. BB and Brady both knew that this was done.


What should Happen?

If justice is to be fair, then BB needs to suffer the way Peyton did, as should the team and its main culprit, Tom Brady. I also expect Mr. Kraft to admit responsibility and apologize to the NFL and its fans, because his employees have lied over and over again. Sean Peyton and never been accused of cheating before, in this case the HC and Team are repeat offenders.

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