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Meet Rob Gronkowski 

Meet Rob Gronkowski 
Luciano 11
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Looking into this Mammoth Talented Kid, I come to learn that he is from Amherst, New York (Bills Country). He is just 26 years old, and that is shocking (FF Dynasty?), because I feel like he’s been around forever.


Gronk, as we all refer to him, is on his way of becoming the best TE ever. Argue all you want, but he may go down as the one TE that has re-written the position. Yes, we have seen so many in our lifetime: Gates, Graham, Tony, all prolific pass catching TEs, however, Gronk combines size, toughness like none of them.

You can also argue that he has benefitted by having one of the best QBs of all time, but to me, Gronk has emerged as a star. We do make fun of his child like attitude, but really, isn’t that what we would all love to be like? Play a game we played in playgrounds, HS, and then get paid millions for it?

Gronk is unique, he has not allowed money nor fame to change the fact that he is a very young man, for that, I admire him.

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