NFL Talk – Holding Nothing Back-Inside TSR

Luciano 11

NFL Talk – Holding Nothing Back-Inside TSR
Luciano 11
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A fanatic in my native language is one that thinks he’s stuff doesn’t stink, and he or she feels above everyone else. A fanatic in English was abbreviated long ago to simply be what we are, fans.


Brief history


This site, which I have loved for a very long time, as most by now must know, will be three years old in June. I still remember the glorious week of exodus, as we, the ones that once had the big ones to rebel to ESPN with Boycott Friday, we walked away.


Boycott Friday was instituted not by rivals, but us fans; fans that had felt forgotten, ignored and mistreated by the great powerhouse from Bristol, CT. We had no replacement for one Tim Graham, and rode solo for a long time. That was the beginning of this site, even if Surge had not yet implemented it. That week, we showed ourselves that we cannot be fooled with, and if given a chance, regardless of the colors we rooted for, we could unite. The last straw was ESPN forcing us to use our private FB accounts to be able to do what some of us had done for well over a decade. The Sideline Report was born.


 Are we still Fans?


Why the sudden summary of what we all know? This month marks two years I have had the pleasure of convincing people to write, write ridiculous incomprehensible articles (myself), but most of all, two years that I have truly enjoyed the ups and downs, the fun, the fights, the nonsense, all, of it.


There is on constant that although I no longer respond to, still annoys me. On many occasions, we get a few members of our distant family across the sewer that will come in and tell us the following: You Easterners are not real fans, just lovers of the Patriots domination.

Are we?


My Psychological Analysis


In a way, this site has changed many of us. I mean we do not have the numerous unknown bloggers that we had at ESPN. We do not have the many that would blog with different names constantly because of one reason or another.


What we have, is a small group of fans of all four different teams, the same ones over and over again, that have never given up. Eventually we tend to become friends without a face or identity (looking at you Mr CK). We have people that are hated, loved, made fun of, we have fans.


I for one have always hated, yet respected the damn Patriots, going back to before ESPN (I started there in 2002). I had the same respect for the Dolphins in the 70s, and the Bills during Kelly’s reign. I never rooted for those teams, but I have respected them while hating them out of jealousy. Therefore, no, I am not one that has caved in to Patriots love and submission, just respect for an incredible run.


Please do not use this article as a reason to knock anyone else, not my intention. I have nothing against those form the other side of that smelly pond we call a sewer. Nothing against the liked, hated, loved ones. But let us know, how you feel:


  1. Are you Patriots fans that thinks we are nothing more than a bunch of wusses that have given up to your team’s dominance?
  2. If you are not a Patriots fan, what is your opinion?
  3. Since I am accused of being a closet Patriots fan, is that what you think? I do not mind if the one being made fun of is me.




*Let me take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of you that have posted, and a huge thank you to those that have written, even if only once. Both of those, along with Surge still believing in us, is why we are about to turn 3!

Holding Nothing Back is getting too soft, don’t expect this to last!


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