NFL Week 3 – 32 Thoughts

NFL Week 3 – 32 Thoughts
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NFL Week 3

Another great week of NFL action in the books. Here are some quick notes and observations for all 32 teams as we close the door on Week 3.

Arizona Cardinals: A huge home victory for the Cardinals who now sit all alone in first place in the NFC West. The Cardinals are 3-0 for only the second time in the last 40 years.

Atlanta Falcons: With 9 of 16 games played in Domes, the Falcons have a chance to showcase a lot of speed on offense and special teams. Defensively, the Falcons will have to show a little more than dominating a Lovie Smith offense to be considered a team that can go deep into the playoffs.

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens have done a nice job with focusing on the task at hand with all of the off the field distractions they are dealing with. However this team will have to show a little more than unimpressive wins against the Steelers and Browns to be taken seriously as a playoff team.

Buffalo Bills: After a surprising 2-0 start, the Bills came crashing down to reality on Sunday. At this time, the Bills are not a good enough team to overcome 11 penalties (for 101 yards) and expect to win.

Carolina Panthers: For a team with a supposedly good defense, getting thrashed at home by a mediocre Steelers team is not a good sign.

Chicago Bears: Alshon Jeffery and Martellus Bennett were way too much for the porous Jets secondary to handle. Defensively, the Bears’ injury ravaged defense had more than enough to handle the Jets but will certainly end up struggling when facing more competent offensive competition.

Cincinnati Bengals: Bengals move to 3-0 and had scored 33 points before giving up a sympathy touchdown to the Titans. AJ Green managed to have a 6 catch 102 yard game after returning from last week’s foot injury.

Cleveland Browns: Only the Browns know how to find a way to lose after their starting QB completes almost 90% of his passes. Quick Note: Brian Hoyer’s 89.5% completion percentage was the first time a Brown QB completed more than 80% of their passes since Kelly Holcomb did it in 2003.

Dallas Cowboys: By some miracle, the Cowboys found a defense that is about as bad as their own. On Sunday, Dallas tied their biggest comeback in franchise history.

Denver Broncos: Though this game was much closer than the 43-8 debacle in the Super Bowl, Seattle just seems to have Denver’s number.

Detroit Lions: Even with a questionable secondary and poor play from Matthew Stafford, Detroit’s defensive front seven dominated the Green Bay’s offense.  Tulloch pulling a “Gramatica” is something that is typical for the Lions.

Green Bay Packers: No running game or pass protection makes could land Aaron Rogers on the injury report. The last time the Packers scored 7 points or less? December 12, 2010 when the Matt Flynn led Packers lost to Detroit on the road.

Houston Texans: After 3 Ryan Fitzpatrick interceptions, we are all reminded why this guy was chased out of Buffalo by people carrying torches and pitchforks. A little surprising that the Texans defense gave up almost 200 yards of rushing and did not rattle Eli Manning into a few mistakes.

Indianapolis Colts: Nothing better than slapping around the Jaguars to get the first win of the season.

Jacksonville Jaguars: About the only good thing to say is: Let the Blake Bortles era begin.

Kansas City Chiefs: With seven starters missing, including Jamaal Charles, the Chiefs went into Miami and had a convincing win against the once 1-0 Dolphins.

Miami Dolphins: Remember that Week 1 victory against the Patriots? The thought of the Dolphins inhabiting the basement of the AFC East seemed impossible just a few weeks ago. Three weeks into the season and both “Philbin Watch” and “Tannchize Watch” is on.

Minnesota Vikings: If anyone thought the Vikings were having a tough season, it’s about to get a whole lot more difficult. Already struggling to find a running game without Adrian Peterson, the Vikings are now forced to start a Rookie QB thanks to Matt Cassel’s broken foot.

New England Patriots: Ugly wins are still wins…but New England’s offense looks terrible.

New Orleans Saints: The Saints rallied in the 2nd half and put the Vikings away to get their 1st win of the season. At 1-2 they are not out of the division picture but they certainly have an uphill climb with both Carolina and Atlanta ahead of them in the standings.

New York Giants: A week after most people left the Giant dead in the water; their offense comes alive both on the ground and through the air. The Giants haven’t scored 27 points in a game since Week 1 of 2013.

New York Jets: Geno Smith’s dreadful performance doomed the Jets about 32 seconds into the game. Though barely able to move the ball on a completely decimated Bears defense, the Jets seemed to hit a brick wall every time they entered the Red Zone. Historical Milestone: Geno Smith has the quickest pick 6 in MNF history.

Oakland Raiders: Raiders played very tough in New England and almost came away with a victory. However there are no moral victories when you’re 0-3 and getting ready to go on a long road trip to London.

Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles keep their “Cardiac Kids” reputation intact after beating Washington. They are the first NFL team to start a season 3-0 after losing by 10 or more points in each of their games.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Steelers actually looked like the Steelers of old instead of the old looking Steelers for one night. The NFL should test the entire team to see how much Centrum Silver they are taking.

Saint Louis Rams: Here are some interesting stats from Sunday’s game: The Rams had: more 1st downs, better 3rd Down conversion percentage, ran more plays, outgain Dallas by 108 yards, won the turnover battle and had a 21-0 lead. Result: Somehow they found a way to lose. Absolutely amazing.

San Diego Chargers: After an emotional win against Seattle last week, the deck was stacked against Philip Rivers and the Chargers travelling across the country to face the Bills. Chargers rose to the challenge and, for now, are tied in 1st place in their division. Danny Woodhead being lost for the season is a major blow to this Chargers offense.

San Francisco 49ers: In back to back weeks, the 49ers have blown a 10 point half time lead to Chicago and a 9 point half point lead against Arizona. 2 games behind Arizona and 1 game behind Seattle has put the 49ers in a serious division hole early in the season.

Seattle Seahawks: Some uncharacteristic defensive lapses made this game closer than it should have been. Wilson showed tremendous poise in overtime.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: After suffering one of the worst losses in franchise history, it’s amazing how Lovie Smith makes Tony Sparano look like a competent offensive mind. On a side note, it must have really have burned Lovie to see Atlanta use Devin Hester effectively on Offense.

Tennessee Titans: Bad pass protection and two Jake Locker interceptions made it a long long day for the Titans against the Bengals. With Locker’s wrist injury, the Titans may have the dubious choice of going with Charlie Whitehurst or rookie Zach Mettenberger.

Washington Redskins: In two games, Kirk Cousins has completed 64% of his passes, has a 5 to 1 TD to INT Ratio, has thrown for 677 yards, and has a QB rating of 105.8. If the Redskins could win a few games, RGIII may need to start getting nervous about his long term future in DC


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