NFL Week 4 – 32 Thoughts

NFL Week 4 – 32 Thoughts
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NFL Week 4

First Quarter of the 2014 season in the books….Let’s take a quick look around the league for some quick observations for all 32 teams.

Arizona Cardinals: A week off should allow the Cardinals to get Carson Palmer back…The jury is out whether that’s a good thing or not.

Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons are 2-0 at home winning by a combined score of 93-48….The Falcons are also 0-2 on the road losing by a combined score of 65-38. It’s early in the season but there seems to be a pattern developing here.

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens have won three in a row and seem like they are going to be in the Wildcard mix. With upcoming game against Indianapolis, Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh, the next month and a half, they have an opportunity to put themselves in a good position.

Buffalo Bills: Two weeks ago: “If EJ maintains his 95.4 QB rating, this team could have a chance for the playoffs”. Since then: 85.2 against San Diego and 59.4 against the Texans. Say “Hello” to the bench EJ…

Carolina Panthers: In back to back weeks the Panthers offense has been in hibernation. To make matter worse, the ‘great’ Panthers defense has surrendered 400 yards in back to back weeks and looked a whole lot worse on the field than that.

Chicago Bears: The Bears went score for score with the Packers until Jay Cutler remembered who he was and started tossing interceptions. Including the playoffs, Jay Cutler is 1-9 against the Packers and has thrown at least one interception in those games.

Cincinnati Bengals: Bye weeks seem to appear to be such a waste this early in the season. However, with AJ Green still recovering from his foot injury, the early bye week was a blessing.

Cleveland Browns: The Browns could be one of those few teams that can take the extra week they have to prepare for the Titans and screw it up.

Dallas Cowboys: Everyone knew that Dallas’ Offense could be very good. However their defense shutting down the Saints the way they did on Sunday Night was really shocking. At 3-1, Dallas fans have to be ecstatic being tied for the division lead at this point.

Denver Broncos: Curious how the NFL somehow managed to give the Broncos a bye week right in between two teams known for having physical defenses. CONSPIRACY!

Detroit Lions: Lions didn’t need the full time services of WR Calvin Johnson to take care of the turnover happy Jets. “First Place Lions” seems like a phrase that is extremely weird to say.

Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rogers’ “Frankie Goes to Hollywood” imitation makes you think he knew exactly what was going to happen on Sunday. Nothing shakes off a bad division road loss like beating another division rival in their stadium. The Packers have won their last 5 games at Soldier’s Field.

Houston Texans: Not a very impressive offensive output from the Texans but they played well enough to escape a close game with the Bills. J.J. Watt is worth every penny of that contract he signed this past off season.

Indianapolis Colts: In the last two weeks, Andrew Luck has thrown for 763 yards and eight touchdowns….Of course that was against the Jaguars and Titans.  The next 6 weeks (Ravens, Texans, Bengals, Steelers, Giants, and Patriots) should tell us everything we need to know about Indianapolis.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Blake Bortals era began and, in reality, was not a bad beginning. However, with no running game to lend any assistance, it’s going to be a long season for Mr. Bortals.

Kansas City Chiefs: With a convincing win against New England, the Chiefs seems like they don’t want Denver to run away with the division.

Miami Dolphins: After a long week of distractions, the Dolphins parade floats may be back in action now that Ryan Tannehill actually had a decent game in who knows how long. The “Philbin Watch” can be postponed for another week.

Minnesota Vikings: No Adrian Peterson?   No Problem. No Matt Cassel? No Problem. No Teddy Bridgewater? Problem. Not too bad of debut for Bridgewater.

New England Patriots: About an ugly of a loss that the Patriots have had in the last 10 years. Offensively and defensively, the Patriots were dominated by the Chiefs and there are no positives that the Patriots can hang their hats on.

New Orleans Saints: It’s been a long time since the Saints Offense looked as bad as it did on Sunday Night. The good news? At 1-3 the Saints are only 1 game behind Atlanta and Carolina who can’t seem to take advantage of the situation.

New York Giants: In two short weeks the Giants went from a team that looked like Rex Ryan was the offensive coordinator to an offensive juggernaut.

New York Jets: After making five first downs on their opening drive, the Jets followed that up by having five consecutive three-and-outs. The Jets defense line did it’s best to keep the game in reach but the dreadful performance of the Jets secondary and another terrible game from Geno Smith gave them no shot to win.

Oakland Raiders: The Raiders crashed and burned in the usual ‘Raiders Style” by turning the ball over 5 times. At 0-4 going into the bye week, this may be the time that Coach Dennis Allen is dismissed.

Philadelphia Eagles: The problem with coming back every week to win is sometimes you fall short. Injuries on the Offensive Line killed any chance to run the ball consistently or to protect Nick Foles. Philadelphia did not have a single offensive play in 49ers territory until 4:00 minutes left in the game.

Pittsburgh Steelers: It’s not often that the Steelers blow a 10 point lead in the 4th Quarter. What makes it worse is that it was done against a Lovie Smith coached offense. That is a clear sign that the Steelers defense needs to be taken behind the shed like Old Yeller.

St Louis Rams: The bye week may not be enough time for the Rams to clone a Quarterback.

San Diego Chargers: The Phillip Rivers to Eddie Royal combination was no match for the Jaguars. However, San Diego has become a one dimensional team that may not go far unless they can find better offensive balance.

San Francisco 49ers: A surprisingly dominant performance by the 49ers after a few weeks of blowing leads. The defense looked especially stout against a banged up Philadelphia offense line.

Seattle Seahawks: A week without football meant that Richard Sherman was all over the TV opening his mouth. For this reason alone, this team should be banned from getting bye weeks.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: After surrendering a 50-burger against Atlanta, the Bucs Defense rebounded and sacked Ben Roethlisberger 5 times. The most shocking part of the game is seeing a Lovie Smith Offense score 27 points….You may not see that again for the rest of the year.

Tennessee Titans: In the paltry 17 minutes and 39 seconds that the Titans had the ball against Indianapolis, we saw exactly what the Titans were: A bad team.

Washington Redskins: After Kirk Cousins crashed and burned like the Hindenburg, RGIII can breathe a sigh of relief and start unpacking his bags. Not so fun fact: The last time the Redskins won a division game was December 30…in 2012 against Dallas.


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