NFL Week 6 – 32 Thoughts

NFL Week 6 – 32 Thoughts
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With Week 6 in the rear view mirror, let’s spin around the league and give all 32 teams a drive by.

Arizona Cardinals: The return of Carson Palmer meant the return of Larry Fitzgerald who had his most productive game of the year (6 catches, 98 yards, 1 TD). With Seattle losing at home, the Cardinals find themselves, again, in sole possession of first place in the NFC West.

Atlanta Falcons: Injuries across the entire Falcon offense line has left that team unable to run and unable to protect Matt Ryan enough to get the ball to his playmakers. Atlanta is look down the barrel of a long season. Stat Check: Since scoring 56 points in Week 3 against Tampa Bay, the Falcons have scored 61 total points in their last 3 games combine.

Baltimore Ravens: Nothing takes the sting out of a disappointing loss than blowing out one of the NFL’s bottom feeders. Crazy Stat: Baltimore is claiming that the 16 minutes and 3 seconds that it too Joe Flacco to throw five touchdowns is the fastest anyone has ever thrown five touchdowns in NFL History.

Buffalo Bills: On a day when new owner Terry Pegula lathered up the Buffalo faithful for his first game as an owner, the Bills turn the ball over three times and lost a share of first place in the division. The bright spot was Scott Chandler who was the first Bills tight end to have over 100 yards receiving since Pete Metzelaars in 1992.

Carolina Panthers: It shows you how bad the NFC South is when the injury depleted Carolina Panthers can have a tie and still be leading the division.

Chicago Bears: The Bears have one of the best WR duos in the league along with a very good running back and a very good tight end….The only think stopping them from being a serious contender is their mope of a QB and patchwork defense.

Cincinnati Bengals: How did the Bengals respond after getting blown out by the Patriots last week? By having a tie with the lowly Panthers. With games against Indianapolis and the Raven in the next two weeks, the Bengals better their act straightened out.

Cleveland Browns: A rare win over the Steelers has lifted the Browns in the AFC North standings while firmly planting the Steelers in the cellar of the division.

Dallas Cowboys: For all the grief that has been given to Jerry Jones over the last 20 years for all the terrible mistakes he has made as a General Manger, some credit has to be given to him for assembling, primary through the draft, what could be one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. DeMarco Murray joins Jim Brown as the only two running backs in NFL history to start the season with six consecutive 100 yard games. Crazy Stat: If DeMarco Murray was a team, he alone would be the number four rushing offense in the NFL.

Denver Broncos: The Broncos didn’t blowout the Jets as many experts thought but Peyton Manning was able to take advantage of that Jets’ secondary down the stretch. Strange Irony: Peyton Manning has an opportunity to break the all-time Touchdown record next week against the San Francisco 49ers…who are coached by the very QB that Manning replaced in Indianapolis – Jim Harbaugh.

Detroit Lions: Luckily the Lions didn’t need Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush to beat the Vikings. Nick Fairly thinks the Lions can be the best defense in NFL History….It’s possible….If they could play the Vikings every week for the rest of the season.

Green Bay Packers:  The Packers overcame losing the lead two times during the game with the Miami Dolphins but were still able to pull out a victory thanks to Aaron Rogers.

Houston Texans: After spotting the Colts a 24-0 lead, the Texans made a valiant comeback led by J.J. Watt’s impressive defensive performance. Unfortunately for the Texans, their biggest offseason need, Quarterback, was not addressed and they are stuck with a talented team without a competent person at the most important position.

Indianapolis Colts: Two late fumbles saved the Colts from squandering a 24-0 lead over the Texans. The Colts have now 3-0 in the AFC South and have won 10 straight division games.

Jacksonville Jaguars: When you get so close to win and lose on a blocked field goal, you know it’s just not your year.

Kansas City Chiefs: Andy Reid was 13-1 coming off a regular season bye week when he was the coach in Philadelphia. He is 0-1 in Kansas City.

Miami Dolphins: Unable to capitalize on Green Bay’s weak Offensive and Defensive lines, the Dolphins, ironically, got “Dan Marino’d” late in the game. With reports of sideline arguments within the Coaching Staff, it wouldn’t be surprising if the heat on Philbin’s seat is getting turned up again.

Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings defense played pretty well holding the Lions to 255 total yards and 1 for 13 on third downs….However, the eight sacks and three interceptions their offense served up didn’t help the cause.

New England Patriots: Big road win for the Patriots who take sole possession of first place in the AFC East. The victory came at a cost losing both Jerrod Mayo and Stevan Ridley possibly for the season.

New Orleans Saints: The Saints get a week off to think about how bad their Ryan-coached defense is.

New York Giants: That three game winning streak seems a whole lot less significant after being shellacked by the Eagles on Sunday night. Season Notes: Both the Giants and the Jets are the only teams that have been shutout so far this season… back to back weeks.

New York Jets: The Jets front seven did their best to keep their team in the game but their porous secondary along with their putrid offense doomed the Jets in the end. The obvious facts: The only QBs, with a minimum of 150 attempts that have a worse interception percentage that Geno Smith are Ryan Fitzpatrick and Kirk Cousins.

Oakland Raiders: A shocking debut by Tony Sparano’s Raiders….Four touchdowns…no field goals. Raiders have lost 11 straight dating back to last season. This is the longest winless streak the Raiders have had since 1962.

Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles dominated the Giants offense and held them to only 253 yards and 2 for 14 on third downs. Scary moment for Darren Sproles but it looks like his MCL sprain will keep him out only for a few weeks.

Pittsburgh Steelers: There are some people that are calling for Tomlin’s or Haley’s head…Unfortunately they are not the fossils that are being dragged around on the field and being asked to win games.

St Louis Rams: After a hot start in the first half, Austin Davis did not complete another pass until 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter. The Rams now have the dubious distinction of having the fewest sacks (1) in the first five games of a season.

San Diego Chargers: Chargers are using everyone at their disposal and finding ways to win every week. They have won five in a row and are doing everything to keep pace with the Broncos.

San Francisco 49ers: After spotting the Rams a two touchdown lead, the 49ers defense shut the Rams offense down and eventually had a pick six to end the game. First time since 1986 that the 49ers have been down by double digits only to comeback in win by double digits.

Seattle Seahawks: Apparently Seattle left their offense on the east coast because how the Seahawks score on special teams, force two turnovers, and find a way to lose at home is amazing. Incredible Stat: Sunday’s loss was only the 2nd home loss for Seattle since Russell Wilson became the starter in 2013.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: We already knew Lovie Smith knows about as much as Rex Ryan on the offensive side of the ball; How about Lovie’s team giving up an average of 41 point per game over the last four games. OUCH!

Tennessee Titans: Barely beating the Jaguars at home is not very impressive….However, a win is a win.

Washington Redskins: After committing four 4th quarter turnovers, the Redskins are in an early season tailspin. Facts of futility: The Redskins have lost thirteen of their last fourteen games.


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