AFC East

AFC East

New York Jets at Cleveland Browns – Preview

New York Jets at Cleveland Browns – Preview
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New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns

Where: Cleveland.  Some large stadium there.

When: 8:20 pm, NFL Network. Tonight.  Where have you been?


The Jets and Browns appear locked in a battle for respectability.  The Browns are seeking their first win, while the Jets are hoping to rebound after last weeks’ embarrassing loss to the Dolphins.


Jets should…

  • Keep the faith in rookie quarterback Sam Darnold, who has shown typical rookie ups and downs.  The Browns sport a good defense and consistency in the passing game will be key.
  • Establish the running game early.  A solid running game aids a rookie quarterback more than anything else.  Expect to see plenty of former Brown Isaiah Crowell.
  • Find their week one defense, where the Jets appeared to field one of the better units in the league.  This defense is very young and will most likely get better as the season progresses.


Browns should… 

  • Protect the quarterback.  Seems pretty obvious, but if QB Tyrod Taylor is protected, he won’t feel compelled to run, , which has contributed to many of his issues this season.
  • Keep running the ball.  Although Taylor has contributed yards on the ground, the Browns should continue to attack with RBs Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson.  This game should see more of rookie RB Nick Chubb as well.
  • Rush defensive end Myles Garrett a lot.  Perhaps every down.  Nothing creates chaos like a good pass rusher chasing down a rookie quarterback.


Final:  Jets 17, Browns 24

AFC East

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