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Patriots Draft: Combine Edition

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Patriots Draft: Combine Edition
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The Super Bowl victory is still in the head of most Pats fans but they need to move on.

1st) Shaq Thompson- “Shaq” position from Washington

A favorite for one of the Pats fans here, Shaq is a versatile player who can play linebacker, safety and even running back. As a linebacker, Shaq is very similar to Lavonte David which isn’t a bad thing. He can move sideline to sideline and is always where the ball is. He has good instincts in coverage and has showed an ability to take turnovers to the house. He can probably start right away on Special Teams and hopefully by the end of year one be a starting WLB/SLB. He could probably play RB too if need be and we all know BB likes guys who can play both ways.

2nd) Tre Jackson OG from FSU

Tre is a big boy at 6’5 330 and is very ferocious as a blocker. He is solid in pass protection and run blocking when he doesn’t have to take up slack for a pretty terrible center (2014 FSU Centers outside of Erving). He can start pretty quickly at LG or RG and with the Majestic Stork next to him, he can be the dominating player he was in 2013 and 2014 Miami game to present.

3rd) Tony Lippett WR from Michigan State

Right now the Pats have 2 WRs in Edelman and Lafell. Amendola looks to be cut and Dobson for some reason is on McDaniels Doghouse. Lippett is a solid possession receiver at 6’2 200 who even without elite size or speed constantly beat Big 10 defenses. He could be an outside or inside guy and if BB wants to, make him a cornerback where he also played at Michigan State. At the very least, the Pats need another WR body.

4th) Daryl Williams OT from Oklahoma

Big and physical at 6’6 330, Willliams is very solid at getting into defenders faces especially in the run game. He isn’t the greatest athlete though which causes him to drop in the draft. Right now he is a tackle but his lack of athleticism might make him kick inside to guard. He is a solid player who any team would want and he could develop into a starting RT/RG for the Pats by the end of next year.

4th) Xavier Williams DT from Northern Iowa

Tough defensive tackle with good size at 6’2 302. He is very good at escaping double teams and has a good motor. Still raw as a pass rusher as there are many times he gets beat. He is a big body which the Patriots need for the interior can be a solid early down tackle in time. Still raw as a player.

6th) Zach Wagenmann DE/OLB from Montana

Dominated the competition as he rallied sacks in the FCS. Pass rushing is what he is good at and what will get him drafted. He probably won’t ever develop into a complete player and instead will just be a sub-package pass rusher which isn’t a bad thing either.

7th) Jeff Luc LB from Cincinnati

Highly recruited LB from HS, Luc never lived up to his expectations at Florida State and instead transferred to Cincinnati where he was guaranteed to start against lesser competition. He is built like a tank at 6’2 260 and is nothing but a two-down linebacker. At best he develops into Brandon Spikes. More likely, he is a long-term practice squad player who might be depth/special teamer.

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