Random Thoughts From a Random Guy

Random Thoughts From a Random Guy
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“Sources Says: Random Thoughts From a Random Guy” by Josh Conn… a.k.a. “League Sources”


— There are a lot of people who are already clamoring for Johnny Manziel to take over the Browns, if only because the general feeling is that the Browns can’t get any worse, so why not play the young guy? Before I address the misguided nature of the “heck, why not play him?” school of thought, Browns fans should realize that… well, yes, they aren’t very good so far… but look around the league. There are a whole lot of worse dumpster fires burning in the NFL right now: Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, and, yes, maybe even Baltimore. Yes, the Browns management and coaching seems to want to continue to shoot off their own feet; yes, the team still can’t run, can’t stop the run, and is woefully thin at most positions; in other words, yes, they are still the Browns.

But the idea of throwing Manziel in there, well, “just because”, is not the right play here. I will set aside my personal opinion of Manziel’s capabilities, which is really low, because it doesn’t matter what I think. This is a team that hasn’t won much at all in a long, long time. They need to win some games. Period. And if Josh McCown gives the team the best chance to win games, he should be the QB. If it’s Austin Davis or Johnny Manziel, then play them. But play the one who gives you a chance. The Browns have not gotten the rebuilding for the future thing right yet, and we have no evidence that they are getting it right now. But even with that, they certainly are not the worst team in the league, and might not even be the worst team in their own division. So put the best team on the field, try to win some games, and build up some confidence in the locker room and in the stands.

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