Rock Solid Predictions…Bank it!

Rock Solid Predictions…Bank it!
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At the risk of being tormented for 16 weeks by making predictions about our AFCE Teams. I have decided to stick my neck out and bravely go where many have gone before. After mulling over detailed statistical spread sheets, Injury Reports, schedule match ups, and consulting with my Un Named Sources, I have decided to chisel my predictions into stone.

My reason for doing this is to encourage you guys, and farm animals, to do the same.

What I would like from you is your division predictions and a little about how you made them. I will post them here so that we can all shoot holes in your theories. Grow a set of Man Parts and turn something in. It is easy to do, just click on the “Write for Us” button below and everything should be self explanatory, super easy. Just make the Title “Predictions”, or whatever, and you can even submit a pic if you want.

This will not take the place of anything else like the spread sheet that hoodie does or any other pick ems contest. I will keep the post and we will see how everybody did at the end of the season. You will get a point for every number you are off on each teams actual record, the guy with the least amount of points wins. Example I pick the Jets to Win 10 games and they actually win 6 games I get 4 points (not good). What do you win, bragging rights for the whole off season.

Here are mine.

NE Patriots 10 wins,  I actually believe that this has a good chance of being 9 wins. The Patriots are counting on allot of Rookies this season and historically that is not a good bet.

Miami Dolphins 9 wins, The O Line scares me a bit but I really think they can win 10, the running game is probably going to surprise some people and the Defense is pretty good.

Buffalo Bills 7 wins, The Rookie QB’s will probably struggle. CJ should help them win a few games.

New York Jets 6 wins, Another team with quarterback issues and the running game is suspect. If I didn’t believe that the defense is pretty good I would have gone 4 or 5.


I am sure that we will have a few ties, we will come up with a tie breaker at the end of the season, let the games begin.



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