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They Said It: Week 4

They Said It: Week 4
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Welcome back to “They Said It”, which has appeared on other sites, but is happy to make its home here at thesidelinereport.com.

User comments are vital to our little communities, and often give us an idea of what’s trending in the NFL world.  Likewise, it allows us to see who our homers, wannabes, followers, and alphas are, mostly by the nature and bravado (and often ridiculousness) of their statements or predictions.

Each week, selected AFC North user comments will be listed in this space.  The crazier, the better, as far as we’re concerned.  We won’t list names, because you know who you are.


Panthers @ Ravens

“In all seriousness, I think the Bucc game is the Steelers’ to lose, but the Ravens are at the greater risk of losing to a dangerous carolina team looking to rebound after an embarrassing loss at home.”

“Breaking News: Everyone who works for, has ever worked for, or intends to work for the Baltimore Ravens footballing organization is a horrible person who should be shunned.”

“I guarantee the Panthers hold Smith to less than 2 catches, 15 yards and no TD’s. This is now fact.”

“Hopefully that Hurst guy surprises the sh.it out of everyone and plays like a first rounder.”

“Because its a home game, I see us beating them by 2 scores.  The Panthers 2 wins came from inferior teams.  If the Steelers can run on the Panthers, I see the Ravens having a lot of scoring opportunities.  27- 13 Ravens”

“Chocolate Crockett will catch 7 TDs against the Panthers. Pitta sucked anyways.”


Buccaneers @ Steelers

“Who’s the big guy slobbering over there that looks like he wants to eat human flesh?” “OH, that’s James, he’s old, don’t worry about him”

“Haha. It’s slow here. I have the Steelers winning big in the predictions piece this afternoon.”

“This Buccaneers game has me a little worried.”

“I would feel more confident in the Buccaneers’ chances if the game was taking place in London.”

“I kind of hope he (James Harrison) doesn’t see the field. That would indicate something isn’t right.”

“The Steelers league leading rushing attack gets Dri Archer back for the Bucs game. I’m fairly certain Lovie is pooping in his pee pants.”

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