Luciano 11


Saturday Schmooze

Saturday Schmooze
Luciano 11
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Week 3 Predictions & Rankings


Chargers@Bills – 24-20 I changed this, on Thursday I had the Bills

Titans@Bengals – 10-20

Ravens@Browns – 30-24

Raiders@Patriots – 17-30

Chiefs@Dolphins – 17-20

Steelers@Panthers – 17-27

Bears@Jets – 20-27


Season to date

4-6 no place to go but up



Weekly Rankings

The Elite

Seattle, Denver, Cincinnati (+),Philadelphia (+)

In The Playoffs Picture

Green Bay, Chicago, New England, Carolina, San Francisco (-), Buffalo (+), San Diego (+), Houston (+), Arizona (+)

Contending for the Playoffs

Detroit, New York Jets, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Miami (-), Indianapolis (-)

In The Hunt

Dallas, Washington, Tennessee (+), Minnesota (+), Cleveland (+), New Orleans (-), Atlanta (-)

Battling For Draft Position

Oakland, St. Louis, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay (-), New York Giants (-), Kansas City (-)

Each week I will move teams up or down, according to performances. Also, please remember that just because your team won or lost a big game, it doesn’t automatically make them Elite! You step up, stay there or step down weekly. I will never jump a team two categories in one week.

(-) = Team was moved down

(+) = Team was moved up



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