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Second Down Late Morning Links

Second Down Late Morning Links
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We had a fun day in here yesterday with the Gameday post accumulating right at 1000 comments.

Two of our games were settled in the final minute by Field Goals.

My apologies for not having the morning links up today. I was told that it was covered. So here we go with the Second Down Links.

The Buffalo Bills fans were able to come away from a loss encouraged about the play of their team. After losing a close game to the Patriots CJ Spiller is quoted in this story as saying “We are not the same team.” There is good reason to believe that the Bills can be competitive this season. EJ Manuel made good decisions and should improve as the season progresses



The Miami Dolphins put heavy pressure on the Browns quarterback Weeden, causing three interceptions. Second year quarterback Ryan Tannehill threw the ball well, although Mike Wallace apparently was not happy about his lack of participation. Some will say this a bad thing, and maybe it is, but passion is what makes players great. Sun Sentinel reporter Dave Hyde gives his thoughts on yesterday’s game.



The New York Jets took advantage of a dumb penalty to win over the Buccaneers yesterday in a low scoring game. Rookie Quarterback Geno Smith had a decent performance and his game scoring drive prompted this CBS reporter to dub him “Cool Geno.”



Although the Patriots were not as impressive as we have come to expect, Tom Brady and Belichik found a way to put a W on the board. Receivers Edelman and Amendola had solid games but the pass protection for Brady was less than stellar. Pats fans should enjoy the links provided in this SB Nation post.



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