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Simply Overmatched!

Simply Overmatched!
Luciano 11
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Super Bowl LI is done and over with, our “own” Patriots won, yet again. It was a great game, one that kept you watching, and the first OT game ever. Great moment in history for the AFCE, a history that has mostly been lived and enjoyed by one team, the rest of us keep hoping for next year.
Without being accused of cherry picking stats, I decided to use a more accurate time period, the 21st century. Often here one fan base likes to tell us how their team is the only one that plays the Patriots tough, so I decided to investigate those claims.
Starting with the Y2K year, I went back and looked at all head to head games between our crappy teams and the Dynasty called the Patriots. The results are very concerning and one sided, regardless of opponent. Not sure why the Bills, Dolphins and Jets even bothered to field teams in the last 17 seasons.
Head to head s. The Patriots

Buffalo Bills = 34 games played, 5 wins, 29 losses

Miami Dolphins = 34 games played, 10 wins, 24 losses

New York Jets = 34 games played, 8 wins, 26 losses

Combined record (to disgust you further) = 23-79 a .291% winning percentage.
The New York Jets are the only team to have a playoff record against the “Dynasty”, and they are 1-1, for the only decent memory I could find among all our teams.
Notes from the heart
Before we accuse this team of cheating, manipulating or whatever else makes losers feel happy, let us look in the mirror first. Regardless of how the Pats have won, they have won so convincingly that we should be embarrassed to even knock them. This Century’ version of the Patriots is the greatest franchise in NFL history. Have the best HC ever and best QB ever, period!

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