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Slick Weekly – Super Bowl Edition

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Slick Weekly – Super Bowl Edition
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A Super Overreaction

HA HA! Suck it everyone that said that Brady and Belichick would never win a Super Bowl together again. Richard Sherman you are an overrated piece of no class having shit. The entire Legion of Goons was exposed for what they are, a bunch of mildly talented, loud mouthed suck bags who can’t really cover anyone but rely on bad QBs to make bad throws in order to look good. The Pats are so superior to these clowns it wasn’t even funny. Had Brady not had his head planted in between his cheeks on the first drive of each half (OK, the Wagner interception was a solid play) and the dynamic duo of Logan Ryan and Kyle Arrington weren’t the worst pair of chumps in the world this game would looked more like Super Bowl XXVII than the instant classic that we got. Tom Brady has now cemented himself as the greatest QB of all time (and just imagine what we’d say about him if he didn’t play with his head stuffed in his rectum for at least a half of a quarter every game) and it’s not even really close. Brady’s masterful dissection of the so called “best defense in the league” was nothing short of beautiful, there were very few moments in that entire game when I had any doubt that the Pats would drive down the field and score. The Pats’ defense was similarly awesome. They did have their normal, mind numbingly awful drive to finish the first half, but that’s really been their M.O. all year so anyone who has watched them closely kind of expected it. The rest of the game was pretty much the Pats doing what they wanted on defense; Russell Wilson was completely ineffective for most of the first half and the Seahawks were held to more three and outs than I have seen the Pats force since probably their last Super Bowl run.

Now I would like to talk about the play that everyone else is talking about. Yes, in the moment, I did think Marshawn Lynch would have scored had they handed him the ball and I do think they should have handed him the ball (I’m sure glad they didn’t though). But in hindsight I can see the logic in why they did throw. But really I want to talk about the huge play that Malcolm Butler made. That was a balls play by a kid who, had the two clowns I mentioned earlier done their jobs, would not even have been in the game. It’s not just getting to the ball that was so impressive, but holding onto it may very well have been the biggest play in the history of Boston sports. (This idea is one that I heard from Mike Felger and I agree with it) Think about it, if Malcom Butler does not make that play are Tom Brady and Bill Belichick considered the no doubt best coach/ QB combo? In my eyes they would be (they were before this game)

Now to the bigger picture (and this is going to hurt many of you). This title has cemented not only Brady/ Belichick, but the city of Boston as the no doubt best city in the world in which to be a sport fan. We are the best fans, we know more about sports than your fan base and our teams win more than yours. Let these stats sink in for a moment, since the turn of the century (technically 2001, but I like to round things off):

9 Titles (Pats 4x, Sox 3x, Bruins 1x Celtics 1x)

13 Championship Round appearances

20 “Final Four” Round appearances.

It’s a good time to be alive.






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