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Slick’s Divisional Round Overreactions

Slick’s Divisional Round Overreactions
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Ahhh, Tomato Can Weekend.  I love this time of year.  Only one team is left from the field and guess what?  It’s the same team as it’s always been.  Here we go.

Last place, Jets. Yup, they still suck.
Second to last, the Fins.  They suck too.
Third to last, Bills.  You guessed it, they suck.
And as per usual, we find the New England Patriots in first place.  The Pats had the honor of hosting the Titans in Foxboro, for a Saturday evening tilt.  The Titans started the game OK, even drove down to take an early 7-0 lead after stopping the Pats’ first drive.  Then the first quarter ended and the Pats woke up.  By halftime the score was 21-7 and people were planning their tailgate menus for this Sunday and the AFC Championship game.  Ahh the AFC Championship game, or as we call it here, the Pats’ last home game of the season.  For the seventh consecutive year and twelfth time in Tom Brady’s illustrious career, the Pats are playing for the right to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.  You’ll notice that I’m not breaking down the game as much as usual, well that’s because it wasn’t much of a game.  The Pats’ offense was OK and the defense only had to deal with Marcus Mariota.  And just how terrible is the Titans’ O-line?  You clowns gave up 8 sacks to the Patriots?  Boy that’s pathetic.
And then the Steelers went and did the most Steeler thing possible (again) and choked so we will be robbed of a rematch of the best game of the season.  Instead, it’s the Jags.  Face it, they’re good.  See you Sunday at 3:05PM.

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