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…The day after Super Bowl 49

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…The day after Super Bowl 49
Luciano 11
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Super Bowl 49

Super Bowl 49 is in the books! It was one of the more dramatic games in recent memory, if anyone left the stadium early, they wasted a trip!

After two weeks of negative talk like never seen before a Super Bowl, the game finally arrived. It was kind of funny listening to Chris Collinsworth reminding us how great it was to have put deflate-gate behind and discuss football…….But wasn’t he attempting to revive the last two weeks? I hate hypocrites!

The Patriots started strong and dominated for almost the entire first half. I think the first Seattle completion didn’t happen until about 25 minutes into the game. However, Brady bone head pass into the end zone and the lack of  not being able to finish drives kept the score at 14-14 as the half ended.

When the second half began, it was all Seattle, both defensively and offensively. At that point it looked like a blow out was on the verge of happening, as the Seahawks took a 10 point lead. Lynch was carrying DLs and LBs with him. Wilson was hitting long passes and eluding pass rushers. It looked as if it was over. But not so fast!

The Patriots dug deep, and their defense took over, even while Tom was still giving away gifts. Suddenly the Pats found themselves with a 4 point lead and 2:02 left.

Seattle ran a 31 yard pass play to Lynch, and suddenly it looked like the end of the first half again. It took 28 seconds for Wilson to score the tying TD to make it 14-14, could he do it again?

Rookie Malcolm Butler broke up a great deep pass down the middle, only to have his tipped pass caught inside the ten a play later. Then a lot of strange things happened.

First, and it will be forgotten, but why in the world was BB letting the clock run out? Seattle was about to score the go ahead TD. Yet Belichick seemed to think there was minutes left. However, somehow somewhere, and I know that Carroll is taking the blame, we learned why Bevell is still an OC. On second and goal, with Beast Mode, the Machine, the Bully, that was running wild, you throw a pass? Even the Patriots defense was stunned. You have probably the most elusive QB to ever play the game, the best running back in these situations, and you pass?

Regardless of how it happened, the better team won, and although Tom Brady broke a huge record to go on and maybe be remembered as the best to ever play QB, the Patriots were the better team last night.

As for Seattle, I will say this, nothing to be ashamed about, there were 30 other teams at home watching the event, if you are not part of the Big Dance, you can’t win it!

Congrats Patriots and congrats to a fan base that has been ridiculed and made fun of for two weeks, especially here. Enjoy it!

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