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The Josh Allen Report

The Josh Allen Report
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A week after their worst game of the season, the Bills hosted another NFC East team and managed to not screw it up.
The Good: Josh Allen was an efficient passer in this game and he wasn’t asked to pass all that much, either. 70% completions for only 160 yards, but he did get a TD without any INTs and rushed for another TD. He did a great job avoiding the pass rush and made some great plays when scrambling. All in all, against a bad team, the game plan wasn’t to take chances and Allen pretty much delivered.
The Bad: FUMBLE! Allen dropped another one and thankfully Spain was there to jump on it. Otherwise, this was a clean game by Allen, he didn’t have any real miscues. The one bad throw, kind of, was the deep throw to Foster, but he was under duress and couldn’t step into throw. And he did get the ball deep enough and on target enough where if Foster adjusted better, he could have caught it.
The Ugly: I can’t think of anything ugly that Josh did this entire game, so I’m just gonna go on a rant about how PUTRID the Bills run defense was. For the love of god, a week after giving up 200+ yards on the ground to a struggling offense, they came out and let an ancient Adrian Peterson just demolish them for 10 yards per carry in the first half. It was like watching a peewee league defense. To their credit, they didn’t give up any TDs or this could have been a very different game.
On an unrelated note:
Stop running Gore up the gut on short yardage plays when it literally hasn’t worked once all day. Maybe?
That sideline catch on 3rd and 18 by John Brown was clutch and made up for the drop after Allen’s Houdini act a play or two earlier.
Editor’s Note: Sorry for the lapse last week, between the surgery and starting a new day job, I never got a chance to write anything.

AFC East

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