The Sideline Report Dynasty League Recap: Week 5


The Sideline Report Dynasty League Recap: Week 5
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Nossorc vs EJ/CJ


If it’s not one thing, it’s another. For the first three weeks of the season, my WRs were lighting it up and my RBs were dragging them back down. For the second straight week, my WRs were out-scored by the menagerie of RBs in my stable. If I could get a complete team performance, I might not be winless. Nossorc put together a solid showing thanks to Demarco Murray’s best day all year, LeVeon Bell doing LeVeon Bell things, and Brady showing off his QB sneak skills. Final score, 148.90 to 111.92.


Hooded vs Vinny


Hooded pulled out the victory over a streaking Vinny team despite another monster performance from Devanta Freeman and a big day from Thomas Rawls (two RBs we all predicted would be putting up 20+ in FF this year). Unfortunately, Hooded had Doug Martin, Tyler Eifert, DeAndre Hopkins, and Phillip Rivers putting in big scores to carry him to the highest total of the week. Final score, 179.90 to 146.34.


Archer vs Finfan


In the Toilet Bowl of the week, Archer scrapes by a depleted Finfan roster. Archer’s meager total is the lowest winning score of the season so far and he was fortunate to be playing against a team that was missing Adrian Peterson and lost Jamaal Charles mid-game. Archer’s decision to start his man-crush, Jameis Winston, over Stafford paid off, but not as much as starting Blake Bortles would have. Final score, 108.96 to 87.94.


Nikvoodoo vs Luciano


Luciano gets handed his first loss of the season due in large part to an injury ravaged roster. The victor was the formerly injury ravaged Nikvoodoo, who got a big day from the recently returned Arian Foster and a monster performance from the Denver defense. Luciano had game winning points on the bench in Allen Hurns and Andre Ellington, but them’s the breaks in the fantasy football. Final score, 149.90 to 127.82.


Iced vs Link


Iyced put the beatdown on Link in the biggest win of the week. He put up a sizeable total despite a goose egg from Houston’s defense. Link got a decent showing from T-Mobile and Edelman, but the rest of his roster was relatively pathetic. He left some points on the bench, but not enough to matter. Meanwhile, Iyced left big points on the bench at QB with Eli Manning and could have had better players at the flex and WR1 spot, but it didn’t make a difference. Final score, 144.16 to 99.16.


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