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This is How I Really See It

Older AFCE

This is How I Really See It
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The Bills are on a historic winning streak winning 4 straight and have back to back division rivals before heading to Seattle and facing the best QB in the 2012 draft class. First off they head to the friendly confines of South Florida against a mostly empty Hard Rock Stadium against the Miami Dolphins,  fresh off their “win” against the Steelers. Division games will be big and if the Bills want to be taken seriously, they need to be able to beat bad teams like the Dolphins.
Run Like It Is Going Out of Style 
The Bills offense is based off running the ball behind their very solid offensive line and pretty solid stable of running backs.  After facing the worse rush defense last week, the Bills now get the 31st ranked rush defense this week. This will be great news as the Bills offense is godawful if they can’t run the ball. With or without Shady McCoy, the Bills run game should be fine as their backup Mike Gillislee has been playing pretty well when he gets the ball (thank you Miami for cutting away your best RB in 2013-14). I expect the Bills rushing attack led by Gilleslee and Tyrod Taylor to rack up over 150 yards and be the reason the Bills control the game.
Make Tannehill be….Tannehill 
The Miami Dolphins QB has been pretty meh in his career and has been horrendous against the Bills. The Bills defense has always found a way to rattle Tannehill and force key turnovers or safeties. I expect the same to happen as the Dolphins offensive line isn’t that great and will be facing the best pass rusher in the NFL in Lorenzo Alexander (I’m sure everyone saw that coming). If the Bills constantly pressure Tannehill as he is unable to make quick throws, this will lead to him making horrendous  throws like this.  I’m sure the Bills defense can’t wait to face Tannehill again.
Don’t Make the Dolphins Think They Can Run
Last week the Dolphins solved their Tannehill problem by constantly throwing it and limiting the damage Tannehill can do. Last week against the Steelers the Fins rushed for 222 yards with 204 yards coming from Jay Ajayi who the Dolphins wisely chose over Lamar Miller.  However this week they are facing a Bills defense that is only giving up 3.8 yards per carry and that’s without their best run defender in Marcel Dareus. Dareus and also first round pick Shaq Lawson are expected to be back this week and both are solid against the run.  The solid front seven for the Bills will have its hands full as the Dolphins want nothing to do with Tannehill winning the game for him. This means once they stop Ajayi and whoever else, they can pin their ears back and wreak havoc.
Watch Out Tyrod!
The Dolphins last week injured Ben Roethlisberger with a questionable hit as he was standing around doing nothing after throwing a pick. To top it all off, legendary kick boxer Ndamukong Suh also kicked Big Ben in that same game. This isn’t the first time the Dolphins have injured QBs, they did it week 1 against Russell Wilson and last season with Marcus Mariota. Especially with Suh around, Tyrod better watch out for any stomps or kicks in a certain area as the Dolphins have shown they will do it if necessary. Plus Mario Williams will actually be trying this week to get back at Rex Ryan which means Tyrod might be getting hit a lot more than usual. Protect yourself Tyrod, we all know you want to get that big extension picked up.


Overall the Bills have had the Dolphins number and the games have usually not been close. The Dolphins offense has always struggled against the Bills and Tannehill seems to play like Geno Smith against them. The Bills run game is the best in the NFL and I don’t see any dropoff this week, I also expect Big Play Clay to roast on the Fins LB’s like he did last year. The Dolphins seem destined to get Brad Kaaya and I don’t think they will let anything stop them from reaching that goal. Bills win as long as the Dolphins CBs don’t lead their team in tackles.  I’m expecting a lot of this to happen in the game.


Bills 33

Dolphins 10

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