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Weekend Replay

Weekend Replay
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Some of our Top Post of the week 

HOF Game Review: http://www.afcenews.com/?p=1563

Ground Hog Day for the Jets: http://www.afcenews.com/?p=1498

What to Look for in Jets First Pre Season Game: http://www.afcenews.com/?p=1746

 I Think This is the Year : http://www.afcenews.com/?p=1493

Kolb Expected to Be Ready for Colts Game on Sunday: http://www.afcenews.com/?p=1721

Dolphins Execute Precision Routes at SeaWorld: http://www.afcenews.com/?p=1722

Aqib Talib and DeSean Jackson Challenge One Another: http://www.afcenews.com/?p=1751

Vote for Lamar Miller or Else: http://www.afcenews.com/?p=1709

Stephen Ross Talks About Future of Dolphins: http://www.afcenews.com/?p=1731

The NFL Blackout Rule is Bad for the NFL: http://www.afcenews.com/?p=1763

Ryan Mallett, 4 Weeks of do or Die Auditions: http://www.afcenews.com/?p=1832

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