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What I learned this week…7

What I learned this week…7
Luciano 11
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  1. Fanaticism is not a rare disease, but an epidemic
  2. Things are not always what they or others make them appear to be
  3. Jets do have a defensive backfield, it was resting against playoff teams
  4. Dolphins finally learning to play football
  5. Bills cannot play from behind, not even 4 points
  6. Patriots are and remain the best luckiest team on the face of the Earth
  7. There are still ties in the NFL, and its stupid in a 16 game schedule
  8. The dead do come back to life
  9. Geno looked the part, sitting did him good, but he has zero luck
  10. Fantasy Football is really dumb! Especially when you start the wrong players
  11. Patriots will easily win the division
  12. Bloggers work a lot harder when their team loses
  13. The Browns may actually go 0-16
  14. London games at 9 am are dumb, and we wonder why there are less viewers
  15. How the NFL fines players has no pattern to it
  16. I figured we may even get HotSauce back today
  17. Yea, the Falcons not as good as we thought, second year straight!
  18. Vikings came back to our planet, can’t always win with just a D
  19. Redskins were so good…..until they ran into that other powerhouse, the Lions
  20. The Jaguars are back where they belong
  21. I hear New England may sit all starters for 6 weeks to start next season
  22. They don’t teach reality at Harvard
  23. Did I mention that The Living Dead do exist?

Congrats to fans of the Patriots and Dolphins, a good week for your teams!

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