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What I learned this week…8

What I learned this week…8
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  1. The Patriots are a good football team
  2. The Buffalo Bills are shattering dreams
  3. The Jets are on a winning streak, yeah! SB! ……… Oh wait!, We are the Jets not the Mighty Bisons
  4. Ryan Fitzpatrick had a concussion early first half, how else can you explain that horrible performance?
  5. The NFL is 17 weeks, 16 games for each team
  6. The Cleveland Browns will break some other fans’ heart this season
  7. AFCE is so good! Jets win as the Bills will lose and Jets go from last to second……this week!
  8. Bills fans clearly went to stadium expecting to get screwed….Why else have a dildo with you?
  9. Tyrod and Fitz were dumb to believe in themselves for one season
  10. Tyrod is sooooooo good at those long balls, the shorter passes? not so much
  11. Ross: If we can’t get fans in South Florida, we will go back to London
  12. Players playing sloppy leads to the obvious culprit getting fired, in Jacksonville
  13. DireWolves to be renamed DeadWolves
  14. Patriots fans don’t use just any lube, they use thick gear oil
  15. Dolphins are real good…………..on bye weeks
  16. Tyler Eifert means so much to the Bengals O, more so than Green
  17. Cam will look, sound and act like Mohamed Ali, someday
  18. Fitzy has a hard head………Hit
  19. Kickers are becoming relevant
  20. There needs to be an investigation into LosGate, in Buffalo
  21. Todd Bowles has obviously forced the team to read Charles Dickens
  22. Less than 2 minutes from having 2 games, same week, finish in a tie. Something that has never happened before
  23. This has been a very strange NFL season
  24. DildoGate

Congrats to fans of the Patriots for the blow out! And Tannehill fans, nobody can blame this week on him, wait until next Monday

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