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What I learned this week…9

What I learned this week…9
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  1. Yea, it’s not management, Ryan Fitzpatrick sucks all on his own
  2. Raiders are for real!
  3. Patriots beware of losing your annual one to the Dolphins, this year they may overtake you
  4. I have to work out very hard during football season, games make me eat
  5. All streaks eventually come to an end
  6. Steelers are for real, they do indeed suck
  7. The Browns are tanking for yet another first round QB
  8. Vikings are this year’s version of the 2015 Falcons
  9. The Dolphins are a better team under Gase
  10. The Jets are a mess
  11. The Bills are the Bills
  12. The Patriots are bullies
  13. Landry is indeed a time bomb, he’s trying hard to be ODB in South Florida
  14. Work gets done all by itself when favorite team wins
  15. Bryce Perry does exist
  16. Games at SR are designed to keep interest up, I’m failing miserably
  17. Eagles suffering the growing pains with a rookie QB
  18. Saints are the craziest team in the NFL
  19. The Packers no longer have an identity
  20. Whatever Sheldon and Mo did, good for TB for benching them for entire for entire first quarter
  21. Jets have to run the table, piece of cake!
  22. Congrats to Dolphins fans, solid game! Good luck Bills tonight!

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